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affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing

Steve Scott’s Income Trilogy Report is a treasure of information about three ways to earn an online income : writing, affiliate marketing, information product creation.

This post presents Steve’s Affiliate Marketing option and this is the table of contents:

An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Introduction to the Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Step One: Find a Good Niche Market

Step Two: Create a Lead Magnet

Step Three: Create an Opt-In Page

Step Four: Build Relationships with Your List

Step Five: Get LOTS of Web Traffic

Step Six: Use Testing and Tracking

Step Seven: Fix What’s Not Working

Steve says he might be ruffling some feathers because he states that the reader needs to dedicate 15 hours/week working on his business and goes on to describe some production “hacks” he uses … not saying they will make things easy but make it possible to accomplish more with the time you’re given … so you can work on your business without disrupting your professional life or your family … but take it seriously like you would anything that’s important in life.

Personally I like this quote: ‘If you’re willing to do now what others do not, you will have what others will not!’

Steve struggled from 2002 to 2006 … doesn’t like sleazy marketers who tell people it’s easy to run an online business … he admits to some obstacles being self-created while others were caused by following bad advice!

He says:

“In my opinion, affiliate marketing is the best way to make money on the Internet.
Whenever someone asks me how to get started on the Internet, I always recommend
this business model.

Not only is it great for the short-term, it’s also an excellent way to build a long-term income.
Unfortunately there’s a lot of misinformation about affiliate marketing.

Some “gurus” love to overcomplicate the process. Others want you to believe it’s easy and doesn’t
require any effort.

I feel you can easily simplify affiliate marketing. The trick, however, is to know how to make money from it without wasting lots of time.

In this section, I’m going to reveal my personal blueprint for earning an income from
affiliate marketing.

It’s taken me four years to create this step-by-step plan. So I ask that you pay close attention because this is the exact same system I’ve used to put lots of money in my pocket …” 

Pages 36 through 55 will lead you through the steps to set up a solid business and you’ll find links to more helpful reports on Steve’s blog SteveScottSite.com.

He set up this blog two years ago and talks about the internet lifestyle he has lived thanks to the great income he made  with a couple of affiliate sites since 2006… allowing him to travel through Europe for several months last year while getting an income.

You can also get a free download of Steve Scott’s Income Trilogy Report!

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One lady may say that she could not succeed at Avon. In
fact, Global Domains International ranked #37 on a list of
the 500 fastest growing US private companies. The “busts” had
issues with packaging, lack of advertising and testing, and failure to reach a
wide demographic.
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    I would like to thank you for stopping by, but I wish you had left a comment about the post you read!
    Steve Scott has some a couple of very instructive ebooks about succeeding at affiliate marketing; you
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    When you comment on a post you read, someone might come along and answer your comment and eventually check your blog!

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    Fran :)

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