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Affiliate Marketing and Competition

Fran Civile I previously talked about Affiliate Marketing as a version of Internet Marketing. Something like this can’t stay hidden long so there are literally tens of thousands of Internet Marketers out there, all competing with each other, trying to earn a living as affiliate marketers.

What do most people want out of Internet Marketing? They want to replace their full-time income and be able to work from home. They want something easy to do that won’t require too much effort but will give a good return.You could almost imagine all of us as a flock. We would move as a herd to the niches (markets) that are the most profitable. Ie, people who don’t require much persuading to make a sale from. If you have a hard time picking out your first market, a good indication on what’s selling is basically what everyone else is promoting.

Of course, don’t simply be a sheep and do what everyone else is doing. A good way to start in Internet Marketing is to solve your own problems, then make a product out of your own experiences. A lot of people are already experts in a profitable area and don’t even capitalize on this knowledge.

To get back on topic, it’s important to not view competition in Internet Marketing as a negative thing. The fact that the market is full of Internet Marketers means that it’s profitable. If there are more competitors in a niche,this should lead you to assume that there it has a good potential .

As big as the Internet is, you want to be able to focus in on particular places to do your research. How do you actually gauge how competitive a niche is? In a following article,I’m going to talk more about particular places that you can access for free on the Internet which will help you find profitable niches.

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