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This is an extraordinary chance for someone to make a knowledgeable start

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with affiliate marketing so they can start to make money.

I’m happy to present this brand new MEGA pack of PLR content for affiliate marketing created by Tiffany Dow.

Affiliate Marketing PLR Mega Pack With 62 Bonus Pages
Author: Tiffany

This is Tiffany’s own description of this Mega Pack she has put together:

My Mega packs always include a 5-page report (perfect for viral freebies or opt in reports) plus 52 high quality articles that I wrote – which would let you drip feed a subscriber list once a week for a WHOLE YEAR. Plus, I packed in a bunch of affiliate marketing FREE bonuses!

You can promote so many things with this PLR pack, including: affiliate marketing courses, keyword tools, WP plugins and themes, email autoresponders, hosting and more!
Ready to see what you get?

5-Page Report:

The report is titled, “Is Affiliate Marketing Right for Me?” and it’s a 5-page, 1,758-word report that you get in both Word and TXT formats. It starts out with an introduction and then covers the following subtopics:

1. There is a zero to low start up cost involved.
2. There’s no website needed.
3. There’s no hassle of product creation for you to worry about.
4. It allows you to go into many niches to test for profitability.
5. It’s easy for newbies to master quickly.
6. Your Customer Service Is Non Existent

52 Articles – Each Over 400 Words

Check these out:

1. What’s the Definition of Affiliate Marketing? – 435 words
2. Is Affiliate Marketing Good for Beginners? – 422 words
3. The Best Way for Affiliate Marketers to Choose a Niche – 407 words
4. Do You Need a Website to Be an Affiliate Marketer? – 442 words
5. Five Free Platforms You Can Promote on as an Affiliate – 518 words
6. Setting Up Your Own Affiliate Marketing Blog – 519 words
7. Digital Versus Tangible Promotions for Affiliate Marketers – 430 words
8. Basic Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketers – 517 words
9. Making Sure You Adhere to Affiliate TOS – 435 words
10. Picking Products to Promote as a Tangible Affiliate – 478 words
11. What to Do If Amazon Doesn’t Allow Associates in Your State – 469 words
12. Getting Whitelisted By Digital Product Creators for Promotions – 423 words
13. The Best Way to Ruin an Affiliate Product Review – 418 words
14. How Much Money Can You Make as an Affiliate Marketer? – 405 words
15. Affiliates Should Be Abiding By the Law – 419 words
16. 7 Affiliate Marketing Companies You Should Know – 457 words
17. Do Affiliate Marketers Need to Build a List? – 402 words
18. Reviewing Tangible Products as an Affiliate Marketer – 417 words
19. The Best Way to Review Info Products Online – 430 words
20. Why Multi Media Is Important With Affiliate Marketing – 414 words
21. How Affiliates Can Create and Use Infographics – 416 words
22. Video Marketing Tips for Tangible Affiliates – 414 words
23. Adding Video to Your Affiliate Marketing Info Product Reviews – 449 words
24. What to Look for in an Affiliate Marketing Course – 429 words
25. Ongoing Affiliate Marketing Training – 410 words
26. Affiliate Marketing Tools – 438 words
27. Are Affiliate Marketing Articles Still Effective? – 426 words
28. Is Affiliate Marketing Automation a Good Idea? – 416 words
29. 4 Types of Affiliate Marketing Books That Will Help Build Your Business – 420 words
30. Social Marketing Tips for Affiliate Marketers – 468 words
31. Evaluating Info Products for Possible Promotions – 413 words
32. How and When Do You Get Paid as an Affiliate Marketer? – 404 words
33. Basic Search Engine Optimization for Affiliate Blogs – 434 words
34. Are Affiliate Marketing Banners a Good Idea? – 421 words
35. Avoiding Affiliate Marketing Blackhat Practices – 409 words
36. Are You Considering an Affiliate Marketing Coach? – 409 words
37. Affiliate Marketing Growth – 440 words
38. The 3 Types of Affiliate Marketing Landing Pages – 405 words
39. Affiliate Marketing Mobile Perk – 407 words
40. What Are the Top Affiliate Marketing Niches? – 493 words
41. Affiliate Marketing on Facebook – 434 words
42. Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest – 441 words
43. Affiliate Marketing on Twitter – 490 words
44. Affiliate Marketing on Google Plus – 418 words
45. Is PPC a Good Affiliate Marketing Strategy? – 400 words
46. Quick Affiliate Marketing Research Tips – 488 words
47. Creating a Viral Affiliate Marketing PDF – 407 words
48. Using PLR to Help Boost Your Productivity as an Affiliate – 416 words
49. How to Use Kindle for Affiliate Marketing Purposes – 446 words
50. Branding Yourself as a Go to Authority Figure When You’re an Affiliate – 402 words
51. Should Affiliate Marketers Go With a Broad or Narrow Niche? – 427 words
52. An Affiliate Marketer’s Guide to Squidoo – 437 words

An AWESOME Bonus PLR Package

You’re going to get a whopping 62+ EXTRA pages – for FREE when you buy this pack – and these come straight from my PLR Mini Mart!

1. Affiliate Marketing Autoresponders
Email Autoresponder #1: Promote Products With an Affiliate Toolbox – 507 words
Email Autoresponder #2: Use Social Networking Sites for Your Promotions – 456 words
Email Autoresponder #3: Don’t Pay for Pricey Graphics – 534 words
Email Autoresponder #4: Work on Optimizing Your Site for Search Engines – 503 words
Email Autoresponder #5: Be Careful About Using Pay Per Click – 623 words
Email Autoresponder #6: Be a Guest Writer for Those With Big Lists – 541 words
Email Autoresponder #7: Blog on a Regular Basis – 542 words

2. Niche Spy Secrets

This pack includes a report, in both TXT and Word, and a PowerPoint presentation to accompany it. It is 5 and a half pages long and helps marketers learn how experienced gurus spy on each other to come up with ideas for their product creation. It’s not all about IM topics, either – it works for any niche. It is 2,258 words.

3. Affiliate Marketing Blog Posts

#1 – How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing – 265 words
#2 – Affiliate Marketing: 3 Easy Shortcuts to Find a Hot Niche – 269 words
#3 – Triple Your Success Rate By Finding a Well Planned Affiliate Marketing Program – 289 words
#4 – Transforming Your Business Plans with Affiliate Marketing Money Strategies – 255 words
#5 – Affiliate Marketing eBook – 286 words
#6 – Work at Home Affiliate Marketing – 265 words
#7 – How to Make Money the Easy Way Using Affiliate Marketing – 269 words
#8 – Make Money on the Internet – How to Avoid Information Overload – 253 words
#9 – The Truth About How to Make Money Fast with Affiliate Marketing – 275 words
#10 – Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Internet Affiliate? – 291 words

4. Affiliate Marketing Kindle Plan

14 pages with screen shots, this 3,463 word report teaches people how to put a Kindle report on Amazon to help build affiliate sales. Sections:

- Pick a Niche for Good Affiliate Sales
- Make a List of Products You Want to Promote
- Research a Short Book to Create for Kindle
- A Word About Covers
- Create a Free “Go To” Page
- Choose Your Next Step

5. Affiliate Marketing Simple System

31-page (8,020 word) eBook that includes these sections:

- Introduction
- The 4 Layers of an Affiliate Marketing Simple System
- Setting Up Your Affiliate Marketing Simple System
- Seeing the Affiliate Marketing Simple System in Action
- Putting Your System on Autopilot
- Taking Your Affiliate Marketing Simple System to the Next Level
- Don’t Make These Three Critical Mistakes

How Much for This Amazing Affiliate Marketing Package?

As an affiliate of Tiffany’s PLR Minimart I’m happy to be able to present this terrific PLR package for the total price of $37 …  NOT the usual $1 per page  or $119 to get everything listed here.  Tiffany has these extraordinary specials every once in a while and from now on you can be sure I will be presenting them to you.

Grab it here and get started: Affiliate Marketing MEGA Pack PLR

I will be buying this Affiliate Marketing Package myself so that I can help my readers with any questions about how to make money with this.

Please share your questions and comments.

Fran :)




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