Succeeding in Affiliate Marketing?

Fran CivileI wrote about Steve Scott’s Income Trilogy in this post a while ago. ┬áSteve writes about three ways to make money online: writing, affiliate marketing and product creation. Since then I’ve written several posts about writing to make a living. Today I want to talk about being successful at affiliate marketing.

Basically, an affiliate promotes a product in return for a commission paid by the seller. That seems simple enough and Affiliate Marketing can seem like a relatively easy way to make money online, but while there are those who make a killing in affiliate marketing many more make just a few dollars here and there. Let’s try to figure out why that is so.

Certain Qualities are Needed to be Successful:

There are many competitors promoting products and as in any business model, certain qualities are needed to make any one of them successful!

Being Focused is Important:

Good marketers don’t lose sight of their goal, even if they find themselves going off on tangents. It takes this kind of focus to get to the point where they start seeing results from their efforts on a regular basis.

It Pays to be Selective:

Successful marketers don’t try to do everything at once. The best strategy is to start with what you most want to do right now. Get it going, and once you’re starting to see a steady profit with that endeavor, start the next one. One benefit of this approach is that you’ll learn from the mistakes you made on the first campaign and you’ll know to avoid these mistakes with your others.

Being Organized is Important:

Before you even plan your campaign, you need to have a clear outcome visualized. Everything you do will depend on this goal and will help you work your way toward it.

There are other things that need to be organized as well. Any time you work for yourself, your finances have to be in order. All of the data that you might need should be easy to retrieve at a moment’s notice.

Being Consistent Matters:

There are many different strategies for marketing online but all of them require consistency. If you’re going to post on forums for backlinks, you need to be on the forum posting daily or almost daily. To run a blog means writing on whatever regular schedule you have trained your readers to expect. Website maintenance and updating is a constant. Once you choose the strategies you’ll use, get into a routine of doing them regularly.

Personal Relationships:

Building personal relationships is very important for the success of online marketing. Being themselves and making a real connection with their audience is at the basis of the kind of loyal tribe-like fan base some marketers have and distinguishing them from those who have to start from scratch for each new marketing campaign.

Don’t be afraid to get personal.

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