Affiliates Rake In Multiple Commissions on Coattails of Top UK Marketer

How James Penn is able to rake in multiple commissions promoting Lee McIntyre products lead me to think of how an affiliate’s earnings benefit from how good her promotions are but also from the marketer’s sales funnel.

Anytime I clicked on an affiliate marketing link that took me to a Lee McIntyre presentation I tended to be put off by his lengthy video tirades and repetitious stories about his meteoric climb to success!  Well, after reading James Penn’s blog post I have to admit that his methods have worked for Lee and for his affiliates too!

That finally piqued my interest, and I spent $5.00 to join Lee’s  Internet Automation Plan and for a very limited time you too can get your hands on it for a mere fraction of its true worth: $5.00, yes that’s right five dollars!

So here is an excerpt of James Penn’s interesting blog post

“Lee and I started out at pretty much the same time and worked in the same niche to start with. We both taught how to profit from eBay by selling eBooks. We promoted each other’s products and worked together to build each other’s business. Gradually we both moved away from teaching eBay to teaching internet marketing.

Over the past three years, Lee’s business has taken off astronomically and I know recently he was making over $100,000 per month selling his own info products and generating over 500 subscribers per day.

In this blog post I’m going to show you how he’s done it and how you can emulate him.

I have gathered this knowledge of how he’s done it by reading every email Lee’s ever sent to his subscribers, by being a customer (or receiving review access) of nearly all of his products and by being an affiliate of Lee’s …

Only a small handful of VIP customers have had access to this training up until now so my best advice is to go check it out while you still can!

Not only will this step by step show you how to automate your business to the point where you only need to work 1-2 hours per day maximum…

…but it also shows you how Lee grew his business from $20K to over $100K per month in the space of just 30 days!

I gained access by investing $5.00 and I can vouch for the quality of all the information presented on that site. You can get valuable marketing insights and if you want to rake in multiple commissions signing up as an affiliate, click on

Internet Automation Plan

My best wishes for your success,





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