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Successful Blog Brings Unexpected Popularity for Guest Post

Guest blogging is one way bloggers and freelance writers hope to gain popularity for their blog. If they get published on a successful blog they will probably immediately get more visitors to their blog and more subscribers will probably follow. I intend to feature more articles about guest blogging but today I had the good fortune to read an exceptionally informative blogpost on Firepole Marketing, one of my favorite blogs …

in it Leah Manderson starts with: “Yes, you read the headline correctly: this post is all about how she “accidentally” got published on”

Syndicators and Aggregators

Then Leah very generously details the steps that lead her blogpost to appear in and that makes her article particularly valuable. Bloggers or freelance writers who are interested in spreading their reach can use that information to work backwards through syndicators and aggregators.

Leah explains all about how she figured that there must be hundreds of sites that spread their content wide and she gives some pointers on how to go about finding them or reaching them.

She says: “of 5 articles I wrote in 2013, three of them landed on, and all of the posts were shared around the web on sites including Yahoo!, Lifehacker, SavvySugar, the Chicago Tribune, the Zillow Blog, Levo League, and more.
In other words, the more I wrote, the more opportunities I had to reach my target market. It was a guest poster’s dream come true
.” Read more at:how she “accidentally” got published on”

Yes! A lot of time is taken up by marketing tasks!

Most of your days will be taken up with marketing tasks when you’re building a business. With any fairly new business, when you’re building it from the ground you will be doing some marketing!

After you decide on your service offerings and set your rates, you need to get writing samples done and feature them on your website or blog. You did get a website or blog set up, didn’t you?

All the work will be worthwhile when you’re guest posting and you can follow Leah’s successful blog posting suggestions and expect success in your business.

Great Super Anti-Aging Sale Lasts Four More Days

Checking out this great super anti-aging sale might remind you that with affiliate marketing you just need to sell the products but that’s when you think of all the work you should do for a successful promotion.This sale gives you all the ingredients to build your own products and all the related items written by the well-known Tiffany Lambert! You just need to personalize these well-written products and make hay! There is so much good stuff in this package you will have the makings of all kinds of great anti-aging successful sales.

They’re listed as follows:

(1.) Main eBook: Reverse the Aging Process

This is a 34-page, 11,805-word eBook that covers the following:

- Give Your Skin a Youthful Appearance
- Ensure You Have Lustrous Hair for Life
- Maintaining Your Mobility as You Age
- Keeping Your Mood Levels Elevated
- Keep Control of Your Weight as You Age
- Make Sure You Retain Your Short and Long-Term Memories
- Staving Off Disease So You Live a Longer, Healthier Life

(2.) Bonus Report: Nutritional Supplements to Help Keep You Young

This report is 6 pages and 2,356 words in length. It starts off
with a short introduction and then covers the following topics:

- CoQ10 Can Help Your Cardiovascular Health
- Resveratrol Has Anti-Aging Benefits
- L-Carnitine Keeps Your Brain Sharp
- Fish Oil Slows the Body’s Aging Process
- Vitamin D3 Keeps Your Bones Young

(3.) Opt In or Viral Report: Anti Aging for Your 20s and Beyond

This report is 6 pages and 2,415 words. It covers:

- Anti-Aging Preventatives in Your 20s
- Tips to Stay Young in Your 30s
- Living Young and Healthy in Your 40s
- Living Young Inwardly and Outwardly in Your 50s
- Fighting Aging in Your 60s and Beyond

(4.) Sales Copy for the main eBook (4 pages long)

(5.) Graphics with PSD files included

- 2 ecovers for the main eBook
- ecover for the bonus report
- ecover for the opt in report
- banner graphic

(6.) 7-Part email series called “7 Things We Avoid Discussing
as We Age”

- Don’t Be Embarrassed to Discuss Your Sexual Health – 442
- Don’t Ignore Signs of Dementia – 449 words
- Keep an Eye on Your Propensity for Depression – 512 words
- Abuse of Someone You Know – Or Yourself – 488 words
- Vision and Hearing Loss Is Nothing to be Ashamed Of – 435 words
- What to Do When Bladder and Bowel Functions Act Up – 496 words
- Have You Made Your End of Life Plans? – 602 words

(7.) Set of 5 articles

- What’s New in Anti Aging Research – 461 words
- Are You Having Balance Problems as You Age? – 442 words
- Common Dental Care Struggles Associated with Aging – 479 words
- Must-Have Medical Screenings as You Grow Older – 464 words
- Recognizing the Difference Between Alzheimer’s and
Dementia – 422 words

(8.) Set of 5 product reviews

- OZ Natural Serum – 448 words
- Bel Essence All-Natural Anti-Wrinkle Treatment – 471 words
- Fresh Body Cream – 464 words
- Olay Pro Kit – 478 words
- ROC Multi Correxion Lift Anti-Gravity – 477 words

(9.) Set of 5 social networking memes WITH text posts to ignite
7-Day Pre-Launch special for the Anti Aging
Get it for $17 before April 18

And DON’T forget to check out the OTO bundle that goes along
with this! It’s 302 amazing pages of relevant content for just
$27 instead of the $297 it sells for in Tiff’s PLR store.
AND Tiffany posted a freebie there for you to download EVEN IF you aren’t buying.


Here’s wishing you lots of success with one or both of these great packages! The potential for using such a variety of stuff in the anti-aging field that touches almost everyone in some ways is endless! Fran :)

An Interesting Take On Mindfulness

Today when I visited one of my favorite sources of information, Tiffany Lambert’s Blog, I was bowled over by the outstanding article she wrote on the subject of mindfulness.

She starts out with:

Hi everyone! Recently, “mindfulness” has become a trend everywhere – the military uses it, executives are using it, men and women – top leaders everywhere are being more “mindful” to succeed.

Mindful thinking is being used to train soldiers – it’s no longer about brute force.
Corporations have meditation rooms.

And let me be horribly honest here – I have ALWAYS rolled my eyes and thought, “Yeah right” whenever anyone mentioned meditation or mindfulness to me prior to last year.

But man, when smiling and steeling myself against chaos didn’t work – I had nothing BUT mindfulness to get me through it. And thank goodness I wasn’t too stubborn not to try it.

Then she gets into the ways mindfulness helped her overcome the tough
times she went through and how it can help any one of us get over seemingly
overwhelming obstacles … if we can look at how mindful thinking resembles
the basic steps for breaking a horse …

It’s a very good read: Go to Tiffany Lambert’s Blog

Fran :)

A Fast Cash Idea is to Have a Firesale and Shout it to Customers and Business Contacts!

Among ways to make money, a fast cash idea is to have a firesale. If you have a presence online, such as a blog, website, autoresponder list it should be fairly easy to share a salespage you create being sure be sure you include detailed descriptions of the products included in the sale and the amounts the buyers will save so they’re well aware of the good deals they can get.

Another important piece of information will be the download information for the sold products.

If the details of preparing for your projected firesale are taking up much of your time, you might prefer to hire someone to write the sales copy. In that case, you could draft a copy with all the necessary details mentioned above and find someone at Elance or someone in a forum you visit to write a salesletter for you. If you know someone in a forum, that might be a better deal because that person might have more of a background in marketing!

Once you have a salesletter, your next step should be to send a message to your email list. This will require you to write some email copy, being careful to avoid having it look spammy by writing it like a letter. Only the URL of the sales pitch should be included.

You might say something like the following:

I don’t usually do this, but I’m holding a firesale later this week. I’m going to sell such and such line of products for a mere 10% of the normal price.

Visitors will have the opportunity to buy at this price only on Friday. If you want a chance to get in on this incredible deal, you can check out the great list of products I’m offering at [firesale URL] and make sure to come back on Friday.

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

I’m brainstorming a bunch of ways to raise fast cash and will be assembling them into an ebook to share with my readers. If you have any suggestions to contribute please share in the comments and I will give you credit in the ebook.

Fran :)

How to Raise Some Fast Cash – One Man’s Junk Might be Another’s Man’s Treasure

It’s an interesting phenomena that other peoples junk always seems to attract buyers: one man’s junk might be another man’s treasure!

So if you find yourself needing some fast cash, look around your room, apartment or house for things you don’t have use for any more. You might have clothes you no longer enjoy wearing, or textboks, electronics, an old computer, furniture.

That stuff that you’ve had laying around taking up space and even causing some clutter might seem appealing to other people who will gladly pay for them.

Once you realize that you could actually raise some cash you could organize a garage or yard sale and post signs in some strategic spots in your neighborhood.

To make it more interesting you could talk to a couple of neighbors about having a joint sale to make it more attractive to visitors. You would each label your stuff with a name and a price and hopefully enjoy an early spring day while collecting some $$$.

These days you do have other choices though like selling on ebay, … a good place to sell clothing, electronics, textbooks and get a better price. There’s also where you can advertise things that are too heavy to ship like furniture. Interested customers usually can find someone to help them pick the stuff up if they don’t have a way to do it themselves. I’ve been lucky using craigslist!

If you decide to use either or, be sure you take the time to describe what you are selling and including photos of the items you’re selling will draw attention even better than any description and are likely to make them more willing to give you a phone call.

Do you have any ideas about how to raise some fast cash you might contribute? I could include your ideas in the next post about how to raise some fast cash!

Fran :)

Two Interesting Posts About Finding Online Information

In my email this morning, I found online information at the center of two interesting posts I want to share.

1. Under Guest Appearances at Firepole Marketing
Sid says:
There is an immeasurable amount of information literally at our fingertips.
We can learn anything online.
I’ll say that again, because it’s hard to grasp the enormity of that concept.
Seriously, right now, you can learn ANYTHING.

Think of anything you wish you could do, and you can find a little to a lot of information about it online. Now more than ever before, we have an incredible opportunity to learn and grow in expansive ways.

So why don’t we?

Why We Don’t Take Action on Our Ideas or Desires

“I’m too busy.” “Yeah, but my situation is different.” “I don’t know where to start.”

The real reason behind all of those excuses is that it’s scary. And overwhelming. It’s much easier to cover up with an excuse than to figure it out on your own.

Read more at:

2. The Business Success Cafe is…the Perfect Coffee Break for Busy Business Owners: Only 20 Minutes – and It’s Free!

Cathy Demers says: One Day Only! Read Carefully…

My son-in-law was here for a mid-week visit not long ago. About 11 am I popped out of my office (still in my work uniform – my pj’s) to have a brief chat with him between phone meetings. He said “I want to do what you do…have a successful online business so I can have a life like yours!”

I smiled and told him “It’s not that hard…once you learn what to do…and then focus on doing it!”

That’s why if you missed the Cafe last week….

I want to introduce you to my friend Kevin Thompson has agreed to take you on a guided behind-the-scenes tour of the automated business that’s been putting more than $10,000.00 a month into his bank account every month since the year 2000… even to this very day!

Kevin owns an extremely successful online business – and so do I – That’s why you and I are communicating right now.

Kevin is absolutely brilliant at showing you how to have a massively profitable automated business… just like the ones we both have.

His “behind the scenes tour” is tomorrow. Don’t Miss It!!

Get all the details…and register right here:

I hope you find some useful online informatioon at one or both of the above sites and remember that your questions about affiliate marketing, freelance writing and information product creation are welcome!

Leave a comment and share your problem!

Fran :)