Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Practices

all-aboutWhen recommending a product to customers be clear about it being an affiliate link and that you stand to make money with a sale. Fully disclosing your intention will keep your trusting relationship thriving.

Whether you post a product advertisement on your site, or you promote a product through Twitter, always let your followers know your intentions. Of course, your reasoning behind it is to get great products into their hands,but they should know that you are also profiting from the sale.

The purpose behind this affiliate marketing practice is a simple show of integrity. Be fully transparent in your business and people will appreciate and identify with you

Stay Focused on User Experience

After reading about promoting affiliate marketing, you may get the urge to pack your blog or website with tons of ads. Though that sounds tempting, it would be sending your followers running for high country. Remember, the intention of your content in the first place was to build a readership. Don’t lose it all in the ads!

Rather than bogging down your content with ads, you could use tools like text links and banners. Text links are offered by nearly all affiliates programs and easily blend with your content. Just make sure if you decide to go with text links, your particular affiliate program has plenty to offer.

If you blog about a broad topic like hiking in the Southwest, then your affiliates will offer tons of products like gear, lodging, trail guides, ect. You will have plenty of opportunity to plug lots of products and services into your blog posts.

However, if your blog is very specific, perhaps based around iPhone accessories, then plugging iPhone accessories in every single post will likely not be effective.

Banners are a more straightforward approach to advertising. So long as you don’t cover your site with banners at every angle, then they will work just fine.

Place them appropriately so they are visible, but not distracting.

Instead of using traditional ads or banners, try using widgets, a great advertising mechanism that isn’t too distracting.

Widgets that rotate every time a page is refreshed, would allow your readers to view new ads every time they log in. This would keep your sidebar looking fresh as well.

Regardless of what type of affiliate marketing you use, remember that relationships always come before sales. If you feel you are disappointing your readership by overdosing them on ads, then tune it down a notch.

After all, they are the whole reason you are blogging or marketing in the firstplace.

Lose your readership and you are back to square one.

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