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Can Affiliate Marketing Provide a Good Income

I believe affiliate marketing really is a good way to start growing a good income! If you know anything about Affiliate Marketing, you probably know that it basically consists of recommending products in exchange for a commission, much the way it worked for traveling salesmen who received a commission for the items they sold by trudging from door to door or store to store!

The big difference is that nowadays, thanks to the Internet, you can sell or recommend products from anywhere including your own home!

Mindset over Matter

The size of your income will depend entirely on the amount of effort and dedication you put into learning the ins and outs of the methods successful affiliate marketers are using. Some have anywhere up to a million dollar income!

This is a first in a series of articles I’ll be publishing about affiliate marketing, and although I haven’t made affiliate marketing the focus of my work online I do have a bunch of helpful information besides sharing the basics about affiliate networks.

I do believe that success depends on someone having the right mindset and I’m attaching a PDF report titled

“Mindset Over Matter”

to this post.

Following is an excerpt:

The thing that’s important is that successful people have a “why”. They know
why they’re doing what they’re doing, whether it’s so they can escape a job they
hate, so that they can enjoy a better standard of living for themselves and their
families, so that they can have more free time for the important things in life, or
so that they can make a difference in people’s lives.

They’re driven to succeed, they’re passionate, they’re resolute. Nothing can stop
them. Sure, they’ll encounter the same detours everyone else gets, but they’ll
accept them as part of the process, and keep on going.

Unsuccessful people say “Hey, I worked 8 hours today, I need to relax”, while
soon-to-be successful people will say: “I worked 8 hours today, I don’t want to
do this the rest of my life, so I’ll work on my personal project now”, and have a
huge smile on their faces.

Successful people work on improving themselves as much as they work on
improving their businesses, because they know that the more skills they possess,
the more leverage they have, the quicker they’ll be able to taste their success.

Mindset Over Matter You can read the report online after you click the link, or you can right-click the link and choose ‘Save as’ to download it.

I hope you enjoy the report and share some thoughts in a comment.

Fran :)

To Make Money as an Affiliate Focus Your Attention on These Four Areas

To Make Money as an Affiliate Focus Your Attention on These Four Areas

To make money as an affiliate it’s very important to concentrate your efforts in four areas: blogging, list building, social marketing and trends. As you develop better understanding of these areas,you’ll see your earnings grow and in some cases you’ll probably be able to negotiate higher commission tiers.


Blogging can appear to be rather simple to most people, but there is a lot more to blogging than setting up a basic blog and adding some articles. As an affiliate who aspire to be successful you will want to know some advanced strategies such as using plugins that help your blog operate better,ways to achieve the best navigation and more.

You want to know advanced strategies. This includes things like plugins which help your blog operate better in the world of SEO, elements that achieve the best navigation and communication with your audience, and more. Creating a professional blog that makes a difference is a constant learning process!

2.List Building

List building cannot be ignored! A big mistake you could make as an affiliate is to just concentrate on getting the click from a prospect,hoping you will get a sale.

You need to get that name on your own list so you might make future sales to that prospect. In most niches, you will have the opportunity to make more sales to that potential customer, whether it be golfing, tools, fitness equipment or whatever you choose to promote.

You want to know the technical details of list building, but also gain insight into how to grow your list, how to make the subscribers more responsive, and more. There’s a lot to learn and implement.

I’ve noticed in forum conversations and also in internet marketing promotions,that the subject of list building constantly comes up as marketers exchange information about ways to improve their list building.It’s really very important!

3.Social Marketing

The third important area an affiliate needs to study is social marketing. There are many books on this subject that will help you learn the best ways to go about getting free traffic from Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter.

4.Spotting Trends

Spotting trends is very important for an affiliate who wants to branch out or expand a niche. You can get an edge over your competition by finding and following trends. So, even if you plan to stick to one niche,studying trends will keep you ahead of the crowd.

I would appreciate getting your thoughts about how the above topics can help you make money as an affiliate and I’m also ready to answer any questions you may have.

Fran :)

25 Commonly Used Internet Marketing Terms

I thought it would be a good idea to present this list of commonly used internet marketing terms.
as a preparation for the Product Creation email Course I’m

Growing a garden is like growing a great product!

Growing a garden is like growing a great product!getting ready to present.

getting ready to present.
Familiarity with the language of internet marketing should be helpful in the areas of affiliate marketing, information product creation, and freelance writing I am focusing on. I will add to this list as necessary.

adwords  - Google’s pay-per-click platform that allows advertisers to place paid ads that come up in the search results for a corresponding keyword phrase.

adsense – a program by Google where website/blog owners can place Google ads on their site and earn money whenever someone clicks on an ad.

affiliate marketing – promoting other people’s products as an affiliate and earning commissions when a sale is made through the promoter’s unique affiliate link.

analytics – statistics provided by either your hosting company or Google (Google Analytics) that gives you specifics on how many website visitors you have, how long they stay, how they found you (keywords used), etc.  Analytics are used to help you improve your website’s performance.

blogging – blog is a shortened term for the two words “web log.”  Blogging is the process of keeping an online journal, where the entries are displayed from newest (at the top) in descending order to the oldest.

Making Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Niche Affiliate Marketing System (NAMS) Workshop 3

Niche Affiliate Marketing System (NAMS) Workshop 3 (Photo credit: rogercarr)


I’ve written several posts about affiliate marketing as a way of making money on the internet, and referenced some articles written by other bloggers and marketers on the subject, notably Steve Scott of Steve Scott Site in


3 Ways To Earn An Online Income: Freelance Writing | Affiliate Marketing | Information Product Creation

Steve Scott is a great resource about anything connected with Affiliate Marketing!

Much of the advice given to an aspiring internet marketer is to create a product, launch it, promote it and then continue to create products in order to earn an income.

But that is not an easy plan to follow for many different reasons, the first one possibly being that many people are not confident about writing for publication and also because they need to possess some knowledge about products that will sell.

On the other hand when the marketer can find a good product with descriptions and sales copy already provided, all that is needed is to focus on driving traffic to promote sales, which  still involve work but all concentrated on learning one
area of marketing.

It’s easier for a beginner marketer to learn how to market a good product that is already developed especially if he/she has a real interest in that product – what is called finding a niche that 1. has a huge market of prospective buyers and 2. you can be interested in promoting.

So for anyone who is looking to making some money online, affiliate marketing can be a good way to go, because this is a field that already has the basic elements ready for you: a main product and the sales copy although it will still involve work to learn the needed marketing skills.

These skills involve keyword research and possibly some writing.

More about those subjects to-morrow



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Affiliate Marketing Strategies Demystified

This is an extraordinary chance for someone to make a knowledgeable start

English: A business ideally is continually see...

Constructive criticism helps marketers adjust offerings to meet customer needs. Source of diagram: here (see public domain declaration at top). Questions: write me at my Wikipedia talk page (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

with affiliate marketing so they can start to make money.

I’m happy to present this brand new MEGA pack of PLR content for affiliate marketing created by Tiffany Dow.

Affiliate Marketing PLR Mega Pack With 62 Bonus Pages
Author: Tiffany

How Much for This Amazing Affiliate Marketing Package?

As an affiliate of Tiffany’s PLR Minimart I’m happy to be able to present this terrific PLR package for the total price of $37 …  NOT the usual $1 per page  or $119 to get everything listed here.  Tiffany has these extraordinary specials every once in a while and from now on you can be sure I will be presenting them to you.

Grab it here and get started: Affiliate Marketing MEGA Pack PLR

I will be buying this Affiliate Marketing Package myself so that I can help my readers with any questions about how to make money with this.

Please share your questions and comments.

Fran :)




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Thoughts About Succeeding in Affiliate Marketing

Success means Income!

Success means Income!

I wrote about Steve Scott’s Income Trilogy in this post a while ago.  Steve writes about three ways to make money online: writing, affiliate marketing and product creation. Since then I’ve written several posts about writing to make a living. Today I want to talk about being successful at affiliate marketing.

Basically, an affiliate promotes a product in return for a commission paid by the seller. That seems simple enough and Affiliate Marketing can seem like a relatively easy way to make money online, but while there are those who make a killing in affiliate marketing many more make just a few dollars here and there. Let’s try to figure out why that is so.

Certain Qualities are Needed to be Successful:

There are many competitors promoting products and as in any business model, certain qualities are needed to make any one of them successful!

Being Focused is Important:

Good marketers don’t lose sight of their goal, even if they find themselves going off on tangents. It takes this kind of focus to get to the point where they start seeing results from their efforts on a regular basis.

It Pays to be Selective:

Successful marketers don’t try to do everything at once. The best strategy is to start with what you most want to do right now. Get it going, and once you’re starting to see a steady profit with that endeavor, start the next one. One benefit of this approach is that you’ll learn from the mistakes you made on the first campaign and you’ll know to avoid these mistakes with your others.

Being Organized is Important:

Before you even plan your campaign, you need to have a clear outcome visualized. Everything you do will depend on this goal and will help you work your way toward it.

There are other things that need to be organized as well. Any time you work for yourself, your finances have to be in order. All of the data that you might need should be easy to retrieve at a moment’s notice.

Being Consistent Matters:

There are many different strategies for marketing online but all of them require consistency. If you’re going to post on forums for backlinks, you need to be on the forum posting daily or almost daily. To run a blog means writing on whatever regular schedule you have trained your readers to expect. Website maintenance and updating is a constant. Once you choose the strategies you’ll use, get into a routine of doing them regularly.

Personal Relationships:

Building personal relationships is very important for the success of online marketing. Being themselves and making a real connection with their audience is at the basis of the kind of loyal tribe-like fan base some marketers have and distinguishing them from those who have to start from scratch for each new marketing campaign.

Don’t be afraid to get personal.

Please share some of your ideas about affiliate marketing in a comment.



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3 Ways to Earn an Online Income:Freelance Writing | Affiliate Marketing | Information Product Creation

affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing

Steve Scott’s Income Trilogy Report is a treasure of information about three ways to earn an online income : writing, affiliate marketing, information product creation.

This post presents Steve’s Affiliate Marketing option and this is the table of contents:

An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Introduction to the Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Step One: Find a Good Niche Market

Step Two: Create a Lead Magnet

Step Three: Create an Opt-In Page

Step Four: Build Relationships with Your List

Step Five: Get LOTS of Web Traffic

Step Six: Use Testing and Tracking

Step Seven: Fix What’s Not Working

Steve says he might be ruffling some feathers because he states that the reader needs to dedicate 15 hours/week working on his business and goes on to describe some production “hacks” he uses … not saying they will make things easy but make it possible to accomplish more with the time you’re given … so you can work on your business without disrupting your professional life or your family … but take it seriously like you would anything that’s important in life.

Personally I like this quote: ‘If you’re willing to do now what others do not, you will have what others will not!’

Steve struggled from 2002 to 2006 … doesn’t like sleazy marketers who tell people it’s easy to run an online business … he admits to some obstacles being self-created while others were caused by following bad advice!

He says:

“In my opinion, affiliate marketing is the best way to make money on the Internet.
Whenever someone asks me how to get started on the Internet, I always recommend
this business model.

Not only is it great for the short-term, it’s also an excellent way to build a long-term income.
Unfortunately there’s a lot of misinformation about affiliate marketing.

Some “gurus” love to overcomplicate the process. Others want you to believe it’s easy and doesn’t
require any effort.

I feel you can easily simplify affiliate marketing. The trick, however, is to know how to make money from it without wasting lots of time.

In this section, I’m going to reveal my personal blueprint for earning an income from
affiliate marketing.

It’s taken me four years to create this step-by-step plan. So I ask that you pay close attention because this is the exact same system I’ve used to put lots of money in my pocket …” 

Pages 36 through 55 will lead you through the steps to set up a solid business and you’ll find links to more helpful reports on Steve’s blog

He set up this blog two years ago and talks about the internet lifestyle he has lived thanks to the great income he made  with a couple of affiliate sites since 2006… allowing him to travel through Europe for several months last year while getting an income.

You can also get a free download of Steve Scott’s Income Trilogy Report!