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Ten Straightforward Ways to Earn Money from Your Blog

How do you make money from your blog?

A lot of people start blogs without any monetization plan in mind. While that can be corrected, it’s always easier if you’re clear on how you will earn money from the beginning.

To give you some ideas, here are 10 straightforward ways you can earn money from you blog:

1. Sell Advertising: Many bloggers capitalize on their traffic by selling advertising for their blog. This works well for high traffic blogs that can attract high paying advertisers. It is often the choice of bloggers who don’t want to do any selling on their blog and want to focus solely on content. Still, there is selling involved in attracting advertisers and there is plenty of work involved in serving advertising clients.

2. Affiliate Marketing: A common choice for many is to go the affiliate marketing route by earning commissions through recommending products. Many bloggers place ads in their side bars, at the bottom of posts and so forth, but the affiliates who make the most money make product recommendations directly to their audience. They write about products, recommend relevant products in their posts and so forth.

3. Product Sponsorship – Sponsorship is a similar concept to advertising, but in many cases, no money exchanges hands. Instead, bloggers are treated to free product in return for mentioning their product, running a giveaway and so forth. Many large and small companies are actively looking for the opportunity to reach their target audience through bloggers, so there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy a variety of perks.

4. Sponsored Posts – Like successful bloggers, many companies understand that the most premium ad space on a blog is the blog post itself. Sure, you can put ad banners in your sidebar, but those are most likely to be ignored because people focus on your content. That’s why many companies are willing to pay for the opportunity to post on your blog. Sponsored posts are usually more commercial in nature, but as the blog owner, you ultimately decide which posts you will accept and which you won’t.

5. Bolster Your Product Sales – If you already have an existing online business where you sell your own products, a blog can be the perfect complement to this. Engaging your audience, building a more loyal relationship and educating them on your product is a win-win for everyone.

6. Ebooks and Info Products – If you’re into blogging, chances are you love writing. This is the perfect path to creating your own information products and ebooks. You can sell them on your website, through Kindle, Smashwords and more. If your blog readers love your content, they’ll love to get even more that they can add to their mobile device and take wherever they go.

7. Contextual Advertising – You’ve probably heard of Google Adsense and Chitika. These are advertising networks that display content on your pages. The ads displayed are related to the topics of your specific blog posts…thus, the term “contextual”. Working with an ad network means you don’t have to find your own advertisers and you don’t have to deal with client service either. It’s all taken care of by the ad network and you get a percentage of the profits. Or you can maximize your revenue by displaying contextual ads and accepting advertisers on your blog as well.

Adsense and Chitika

8. Blogging for Pay – One of the simplest ways to start earning money from blogging right away is to simply be a blogger for hire. It’s a guaranteed way to get paid for your work, but it doesn’t have the scalability that doing your own blogging does over time. After all, as a blogger for pay, you only get paid when you blog and most jobs don’t pay incredibly well. Still, it’s a great place to get started and start earning money almost right away.

9. Feeding Traffic to a Mailing List – You may have heard the term, “the money is in list” and it’s absolutely true. Growing your own email subscribers list ensures that you have a growing audience of people that you can keep in touch with over and over again. Many bloggers keep their focus on content on their blog so they can make offers and sell products via email. Email marketing is an important topic, so we’ll definitely be talking about it in a later post.

10. Speaking – While many bloggers prefer to communicate with their fingertips to the keyboard, many also have a very commanding presence and enjoy speaking to audiences. Speaking is definitely a good skill to cultivate as it can be very profitable. Whether you run your own webinars or speak at various live events, having an active blog following can help you bring more people to your speaking events and increase your income.

Certainly, this isn’t an exhaustive list of the possible ways to profit from a blog because every blogger and business is different, but it gives you plenty of ideas to get started. You might just use one idea to start with, but most successful bloggers use a combination of a few or more monetization opportunities. The key is to start exploring ideas, testing them out and further developing those methods that work for you.

To follow up on Martin’s great suggestions and learn more about working less and earning more from your blog, check out these resources:” …

Do You Know Why You Blog? I Mean Really Know…

Find your reason whyIt seems kind of like a silly question, but I would guess that most bloggers don’t know the true reason why they blog. And because of that, they flounder and don’t earn as much as they’d hoped. I’m hoping that our discussion today will help you dig really deep and help you find the answers, so you can move even closer to the success you’ve always dreamed of.

For many, the road to blogging starts with the thought, “Hey, I’d like to have my own blog.” They see another successful blogger and make all kinds of assumptions on how (and if) that blogger earns money and decides they’ll do it themselves too. But the problem is, there is no plan.

There is no plan to create a focused online presence.

There is no plan to grow a faithful audience.

And worst of all, there is no financial plan.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been blogging for a while, it pays (literally) to take a step back and really examine WHY you’re blogging to ensure you’re on the right track to achieve your goals.

While there are some examples of bloggers who blog their random daily thoughts and grow a large readership, it’s not the norm. The most successful blogs have a focus and something unique their deliver to their audience. So even if you are a mom who blogs about their adventures in motherhood or you’re a student who writes about student life, finding a key focus and unique perspective is what will help you grow a faithful audience. Have an edge, have a point of view and deliver something unique to your audience. It’s your uniqueness that will draw people to you.

Still, being unique isn’t going to magically make your audience grow. You can’t make a few blog posts this week and expect to be Dooce, Problogger or Techcrunch next week. Growing your audience takes time, hard work and even some money. We’re going to be talking about growing your following in a later post, so we’ll be visiting this topic again. If you’re satisfied with a few hundred readers on your blog, that’s perfectly fine, but if you want to have an audience of thousands or tens of thousands, you have to have a plan to get there.

And finally, a lack of financial plan is the kiss of death when it comes to blogging for profit. Knowing your monetization plan before you start makes it easier to shape your blog around those plans. For example, if you plan to sell advertising, designing your blog with this in mind makes it easier to add advertisers when you’re ready. You also need large traffic numbers to earn good money through advertising, so a traffic plan needs to be in place too. In my next post, I’ll talk about monetization methods and this should help you carve out a financial plan for yourself.

If you’ve been blogging and you’re thinking to yourself that you haven’t really thought some or all of these things through below, don’t worry. All is not lost. While it’s easier to start with a concrete plan from the outset, everything can be corrected. That’s the beauty of the Internet…everything can be changed and it doesn’t have to cost much to do it. If this describes you, start brainstorming now.


What makes you unique in your niche? Why do people come to read your stuff?

How will you grow your audience?

How will your blog make you money?

Just write as many ideas you can for each and don’t worry if the ideas don’t flow quickly right now. Keep those brainstorming sheets as we talk about these topics in more depth in the coming posts. You’ll have plenty more ideas by focusing on this important subject. :-)

Making the Most of Guest Blogging Opportunities

We’ve talked about guest blogging a few times in this series. In fact, I think it’s quite obvious that I am guest blogging right now and I do it because there is tremendous benefit to me and my business. Guest blogging allows you to reach new audiences and establish your expertise further. Add to that, it allows you to forge new personal relationships with fellow bloggers and that is always a good thing.

Guest posting example

Guest posting example

There are a few things to keep in mind when participating in guest blogger opportunities.

Audience is everything- High traffic is good, but not always necessary. Obviously, guest blogging on a high traffic blog is likely to give you the most exposure, but there is often competition to get posted. In addition, there are plenty of highly targeted smaller traffic blogs that can provide good exposure.

- Learn about the blog’s audience and write specifically for them. While you may write about the same topics, no two blogs are exactly the same. Learn what makes the blog you’re writing for unique and keep in mind what their audience wants to hear.

- Always read the submission guidelines carefully. Look forward what types of topics they want, what formatting you should use or any other specifics they are looking for. Don’t get rejected just because you make a silly little mistake.

Collect email addresses- Promote an opt-in, not a link to your home page or a product. You’ll get the best results with your guest post if you make a free offer to their readers. Linking to your home page may bring in plenty of traffic, but what happens when they click away, never to return? You want them to opt-in to your list, so that you can bring them back to your blog later, make product recommendations and keep in touch with them for months and years to come.

- Engage the audience and respond. Just like with your own blog, readily ask your readers questions and respond to their comments. Consider this your opportunity to forge new relationships with those interested in your topic area.

- Write for the same blog again. Let the audience really get to know you and look forward to your posts. While you can see benefit from just one guest blog post, the benefits multiple as you come back and become a more familiar face to the readers.

Make guest blogging a regular part of your promotion plan and you’ll start to see which opportunities are worthwhile and which are not. You can also use your contributions to certain blogs as leverage to get the opportunity to write for even bigger audiences.


Freelance Writing, Cashflow and Sharing Boomer Information

WordPress Theme - iPhone «‹ tips4WordPress

WordPress Theme – iPhone «‹ tips4WordPress (Photo credit: LA100RRA 3logs)

I’m sharing the following posts with you because they share valuable information!

Carol Tice of Make a Living writes an enlightening post about ways for freelance writers to avoid feast or famine!

Hungry writers do terrible things.

We take gigs we know we shouldn’t, because we’re desperate and need the money. A few months later, we realize this dysfunctional low-payer is sucking up too much time and making us go broke even faster.

Worse, some writers end up having to give up and go crawling back to those day jobs we hate.

Why do so many writers report feast-and-famine cycles and times when they’re out of cash and scrambling for any sort of gig?

Two main reasons:

Not enough marketing to get a steady stream of leads
Lack of understanding of cash flow
What is cash flow? It’s the movement of money through your business. What you want is cash flowing out of your business slower than cash flows in. That leaves you with cash on hand.

When things go wrong, cash goes out too fast and comes in too slow, and presto — you’re broke.

Often, I meet writers who early do quite well, but still have cash crises. They make enough, but the money never seems to show up fast enough to cover the bills! The timing is off.

With some careful management, you can improve your cash flow, even if you don’t get a raise or more clients.

Here is my primer on how to change your business so that your cupboard doesn’t get bare: read more at Make a Living

Hello Boomers

I’m bringing you this verbatim announcement about a new Boomer Authority postI just received from the Boomer Authority project:

I’m excited to tell you about a new Boomer Authority project.  We’re working closely with the FMG Radio and Television Network and their founder and CEO, Jody Colvard.

The objective of this project is to help individuals in the 50 plus demographic have a heightened focus on finding purpose and meaning in their lives. Boomers are seeking to refine values and beliefs, make a difference and leave a legacy. To nurture these needs, The BART Network is providing radio and television programming related to retirement, career, relationships, travel, fashion, aging, finances, health and a variety of topics to help inform, educate, and inspire.

Boomer Authority and FMG are making it possible for our members to host their own radio and television shows.

New Shows on the air now and those ready for their 1st broadcast include:

Friends Over 50 is a radio show originating in Chicago every Friday morning with Ed Kirfin.

The Friends Over Fifty show is for everyone. Our goal is to reach out to anyone who needs a laugh or some inside tips         on hotspots and helpful businesses in the area, not just the over-fifty demographic. So tune into WJOL every Friday from 10:00am to 1:00pm for a show that is both fun an informative, Friends Over Fifty!

Single Again, Now What? with Joanie Winberg

Join special guests each week on the Single Again, Now What? Radio Show. The show has been designed especially for people who are single again through divorce or the loss of a loved one.

Time Zone with Chuck Taylor

It’s May 1981. American Airlines introduces the first-ever frequent flier program. Ronald Reagan is president, turning 70 years old. Andrew Lloyd Weber’s “Cats” debuts in London.

…And on the radio, we’re hearing the first hit from a 21-year-old Scottish lass named Sheena Easton. “Morning Train” arrives stateside in May 1981 as her first, and only, No. 1 single. Overseas, the title of the song is “9 to 5”, but in the U.S. the title is changed so it won’t be confused with the recent chart-topping hit by Dolly Parton from her film debut with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin… in “9 to 5’’. Chuck will be playing those memorable hits from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Let’s Get Real with David and Darlene Steele

Love, sex, romance, dating, marriage…relationships are our biggest source of happiness and misery. Hosted by Relationship Coaching Institute, Let’s Get Real challenges the status quo and tells the truth about love and relationships. Because the greatest love starts with telling your truth.

Fab at Any Age with Andria Warshaw-Wernack

When it comes to being fabulous, Andrea Warshaw-Wernick has always been at the top of her game. Compared to the average person, Andrea has already lived 4 lives. And in every instance, she’s used her intuitive insight for talent to encourage others to bring their gifts to the Planet!

Healthy Recipes and Cooking with Janet Zappula

If you love to eat, if you’re looking for healthier ways to make the foods you love, if you want to feel and look your best, you’ve come to the right place.

Janet’s goal is to inform, inspire, motivate, and bring a smile to your face. She’ll give you the latest nutrition news, food and lifestyle tips, easy to make recipes, video demonstrations, and much more, including a note of inspiration now and then.


There is finally a relevant and entertaining webshow just for Baby Boomers and their families.

After 25 years of news reporting on fitness and lifestyle products, Patrick Netter, aka The Gear Guru® has decided to help the 77 million baby boomers get a hold of their digital golden years.

Featuring a bevy of video episodes on topics such as: health, wellness, travel, dating, sex, relationships, and pets, iBoomer is guaranteed to be a hit with all in the Boomer Community.

Welcome friends to The Happiness Choice Show with host Marilyn Tam! This show will speak personally and effectively to how anyone can live the life they’ve dreamed of living, a happy, healthy and dynamically balanced life.

This show provides you with personal experiences and advice from experts in the various fields of Life Success, Personal Growth, Business Coaching, Health and Fitness, Spiritual Coaching and Community Service are integrated into each episode to strengthen and broaden the perspective and tools available to help you achieve your happiness goals.

Get Naked Fast with Diana Stobo

Diana is a classically-trained culinary artist, raw foods recipes book author and raw food educator. She uses this expertise as well as her own life-changing experiences to instruct and motivate others to eat for Health, Vibrance, and Beauty.

Diana shares the answers to food questions asked by many: How did you make that dessert? What did you dress the salad with? What should I buy when I go grocery shopping? What should I make for dinner?

Be inspired with food and health knowledge from each episode, learn new recipes and get motivated to live a healthier life!

The Dr. Mache Seibel Show

Selected by his peers as one of the Best Doctors in America, Doctor Seibel brings innovation to health education, focusing on creative approaches to help America stay well. He is a national expert in helping women in and around menopause improve their symptoms including sleep, stress, diabetes and weight control. In addition to patient care, Doctor Seibel has also created HealthRock®, his unique brand of making health education fun and memorable. Doctor Seibel teaches people the health information they need and the perspective they require to stay well. “It’s better to stay well than to get well.”

The Chef Tina Jo Show

Welcome friends to The Chef Tina Jo Show with a special weekly segment called meat-free Monday! Chef Tina Jo’s mission is to help you cut out meat one day every week, and for a few of you, going a step further.

Chef Tina Jo’s episodes are filled with tips, tricks, and recipes to support you to be a whole new happier, healthier you!

Your Own Show  – If you would like more information about the BART Network and how you can get involved, contact me at:

Have a great week, signed by Doug  Visit Boomer Authority

Brought to you by Fran

This is my day 3 post in Tiffany Dow’s Freaking Fantastic Blog and List Building Challenge. 

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Life After Sixty | Sleeping Problems

avatar32102_4My sleeping problems were aggravated last week because I was feeling lousy with a head cold! Is under the weather a nicer way to say that? I wonder where that expression came from … maybe someone reading this knows and if you do please tell us about it in a comment.

Anyway, it kept me from writing anything! I usually work around my odd sleeping hours, since I live alone it’s not too hard to adjust schedules.  I read up on articles talking about insomnia and suggesting remedies, they are plentiful but so far I have tried natural ways without taking any sleeping pills.

In “What Happens While You Sleep and How it Affects Your Every Waking Moment”  Maria Popova writes: “We are living in an age when sleep is more comfortable than ever and yet more elusive.”

It seems that during the Victorian era, laborers living in workhouses slept sitting on benches, with their arms dangling over a taut rope in front of them,
and they paid for the privilege!

Of course, those were the days when families went through a nightly ritual of checking for rats and mites burrowing in the one shared bedroom!

All that changed with the industrial revolution bringing many improvements in living standards including electric lights, television and other kinds of entertainment and those have contributed to our sleeping problems!

And Thomas Edison can be blamed to have disrupted our internal clocks with his invention of the lightbulb.

Author David K. Randall writes in “Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep” one of the best science books of 2012, that thanks to Edison, sunset no longer meant the end of your social life, instead, it marked the beginning of it.

Thomas Edison, born in 1847, reportedly slept three to four hours at night … he regarded sleep as a waste of time … a vestige of our cave days and he maintained a heavy schedule of research projects.

He carried his lack of sleep as a kind of badge of honor, but he had a little secret:Power-napping!


Main health effects of sleep deprivation (See ...

Main health effects of sleep deprivation (See Wikipedia:Sleep deprivation). Model: Mikael Häggström. To discuss image, please see Template talk:Häggström diagrams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cots were scattered throughout his property, in labs and libraries and he was often photographed sneaking some stealth shut-eye in unusual locations.

That system seemed to have worked for him, he accumulated 1093 patents and lived to the age of 84!

I usually manage to keep up with my own much less ambitious projects by following a somewhat similar system of taking naps to make up for sleeping problems at night, but this cold  complicated things.

What works for you? Do you have problems or solutions you could share with us?











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Five Writers Talk About Making Money Independently and Living Life on Their Terms

I bring you 5 writers who are making money by writing for a living one way or another in order to live life on their terms .

They write content to promote all kinds of sales such as affiliate marketing or PLR writing, they create their own books  and  products or they provide freelance writing services.


6 Lessons Learned from 6 Months of Location-Independence

I can’t believe it’s July already, and we’re now into the second half of 2012! This year is flying by so quickly. I left the UK to go “location independent” in Thailand on January 1 this year, which means I’ve been doing it now for 6 months! I thought I’d share with you six things I’ve learned during that time.

1. It’s Good To Take Time To Reconsider The Way You’re Doing Things
When I left the UK for Thailand, it made me reconsider my business in big ways …

Read More at The Internet Dream


Wow, Danny, you’re like the Freddy Krueger of Blogging – wherever I turn, you’re there!

I’ve received several comments like that in the last few months.

English: A person dressed as Freddy Krueger. S...

English: A person dressed as Freddy Krueger. Svenska: En person utklädd till Freddy Krueger.

The consensus seems to be that I’m everywhere. No matter which blog or website you visit, I’m the cyber-stalker that is there waiting for you.

I don’t mind the comment. In fact, I like it.

I like it because it’s meant as a compliment. When I catch you, I give you something interesting to read and think about. If I work extra hard, you even learn something useful.

Every now and then, the comments go further than just noting my apparent omnipresence – they ask how I do it. Don’t I sleep? Don’t I have a family? Don’t I have other commitments?

Yes, I do, and yet I’m everywhere – or so it seems.

Okay, I’ll level with you. The truth is that I’m not really everywhere, and I don’t work 24/7 – but it certainly seems that way.

Read More at Firepole Marketing


Freelance Writing Tips on How to Use Slow Times to Earn More

In yesterday’s post on my SEO writing blog, I promised to dispense some ideas about how to use the slow summer months to make more money as a freelance writer when the busy fall season rolls around. So here goes . . .

I. Revise Your Freelance Writing Rates: At least once a year, you should assess you freelance writing rates. The slow summer months are as good a time as any to do this.

Read More at Inkwell Editorial


What Other Job Encourages You to be Who You Are

… explore life daily, create something from nothing, build a limitless future for you and those you love, while adding to your legacy with every word you write?
Without construction tools, loud noise, or substantial waste, writers create something from nothing that can last an eternity. And the modern writer’s ideas can endure even if they never see print. Print On Demand and eBook technology means your work won’t go out of print, even if books were suddenly to become as archaic as eight track tapes.

Read More at Ghostwriter Dad


Personal Branding Helps Make Every Day Independence Day

I’d like to help you make every day Independence Day by sharing the 3 steps I took after leaving my last job, steps that might help you gain your independence and build your personal brand.

Independence Day!

Independence Day! (Photo credit: CR Artist)

Independence Day has special significance for me; it was on Independence Day when I decided to never again work for anyone else.

I had enjoyed a lot of success in my last job, the pay was good …

Read More at Business to Community



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Is Celebrating the Big Six-Zero Birthday Mixed With Fears of Facing Life After Sixty?



This is a guest post contributed by Betty Jameson

Are you scared of old age when you think of entering this phase of life after sixty? Don’t be. While the fear of death is a natural one, there is nothing to fear from living life as an older person.

Yet, many of us do have that fear. It’s understandable: fears that our health may not be what it was, or that we won’t have enough money, or that we won’t have enough to do are common ones. However, while some things are unpredictable, we have the power to influence many of the outcomes we fear the most.

If you’re heading towards sixty or have recently been congratulated for that big ‘six-zero’ birthday remember that much of your life is within your control, in more ways than you might realize. Address whatever fears you might have about getting older, rather than allowing them to hold you back.



Loss of good health is a major worry for many people as they age. Now, it’s fair enough to be concerned. Part of the aging process is that our bodies slow down and begin to wear. We can’t prevent this from happening, in fact our body starts to slow down in our twenties!

While we can’t magically turn back the clock, a healthy and active lifestyle will greatly minimize the effects of aging and the minor health problems that happen to most of us. Some of us mignt have to face major health problems at some future time, but it’s best to avoid any useless worrying.



Being older can be an isolating experience for some. If you’re in a relationship, this is often a good time to re-connect if you feel you have drifted apart. If you cannot, or you’re unhappy, get out, give yourself a chance to find someone new. Being single and happy is much less lonely than being coupled and unhappy. Don’t think, either, that being older means you have to forget about sex … over half of those aged 75-85 have sex at least twice a month.

When it comes to friends and family, make an effort. When you retire and lose your routine, it’s often easy to become isolated. Find a new routine that involves regular social dates.



Many people’s biggest fear once they retire is that they will lose their identity. If you’ve worked hard for years and built your life around your job and the status it entails, then it’s hard to suddenly lose it. Retirement from full-time work can be a sudden shock for some. If you’ve been a stay-at-home parent much of your life, then children leaving home can cause the same worries.

Remember that identity does not need to come just from work. If you’re worried about being an ‘invisible’ person at home alone, then do something to prevent that from happening. Perhaps you have skills that you can put to use in a local charity? Or perhaps you could go back to education? Earlier in life, both work and education are pursued for a purpose. Now, you can do them just for fulfillment.



If you’re worried about money once you retire, that’s understandable, especially in today’s uncertain economic climate. Sit down and work out your likely income and expenses, and see if there’s a gap to be made up, or if you’re just not going to have enough to do the things you want to, look at ways you can make up the difference. Perhaps you could sell your home and downsize? Or perhaps you could find a way to make some extra income? Retirement is not necessarily as sudden a change as it used to be. Why not look at starting a small business from home? We all have business ideas that we’ve just been too busy to pursue while working full-time. Retirement could be the opportunity you need to do just that.



Retirement is also a chance to work towards whatever other things you want to do, but never had the chance to. Have you ever heard a retired person say that they ‘don’t know how they had the time to work’? Busy people are normally happy people, so get out and do things. Japanese people call retirement their ‘second life’. Perhaps their example is the one to follow.


Betty Jameson is just back from a Caribbean Cruise where  she stopped off to do some mountain biking in the beautiful Dominican Republic. As soon as she returned home it was time to get a new bike as she had found a new hobby.

Picture credit:

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