Blog Promotion

I was thrilled to find this excellent article about blog promotion by Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe, because getting enough traffic to my blog is a constant concern of mine.

Ana says:

If you know how to promote your blog, your brand, your posts, website traffic won’t be an issue.

Of course, traffic conversion is a different story. That’s where mediocrity won’t get the worm. However, the point of this post is PROMOTION, PROMOTION, PROMOTION.

The following are the exact steps I take to promote every single one of my posts, and you should consider taking to promote YOUR blog.

Yes, I do it manually and, since I don’t currently have an assistant, I do it all myself – because promoting your blog is THAT important.

Some of the steps below won’t necessarily get you the immediate traffic you crave for, but they will influence your long-term brand building without you even knowing it.

Just because you can’t see it, feel it, or touch it, it doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing, right?

Ana features an attractive and informative step-by-step cheat sheet and she invites you to “Right-click on the image to save it to your desktop to use it to promote all your future (and past) blog posts.”

She then very generously shares her system:

As a part of our blog promotion system, I suggest you create a bookmark folder for your future blog promotion “pit stops”.

That way, you’ll have all the steps at your fingertips whenever you are ready to give your blog post a traffic boost.

To get the most of Ana’s detailed information, visit:

Traffic Generation Cafe

PS.I do realize that I’m sending you away and you might not find your way back! And that’s OK, I’ll take that chance … however much I would like your feedback :)

The purpose of this blog is to provide information that will help apprentice marketers reach their goals and there’s no way I’m going to be able to publish it all by myself, so why not share what’s already out there in the blogosphere.

Fran :)