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Could Freelance Blogging Provide You a Well-Paid Living??

Stairs to ...Today I’m sharing  information about making a living with freelance blogging.

But before I get into that I want to mention that my free ecourse: How to Create and Sell Your Information Products has taken a lot of my attention and caused me to neglect posting any new blogs and I apologize for that!

I actually have been setting up a calendar of solid information posts on the subjects of Affiliate Marketing, Freelance Writing and Product Creation to begin January 30.

Now to the sharing of:The Truth About Failing Freelance Bloggers (And How to Succeed)

Tom Ewer is making a very good living freelancing and he specializes in freelance blogging. I think you’ll find his article very enlightening even if it covers some unpleasant truths about writer’s needs for improvement. 

This is a long article because it goes into a lot of detail providing great tips and links to resources that I found very helpful.

For more blogging-specific advice, Tom refers you to the Successful Blogging guide available as part of his Paid to Blog course.

He says “That contains everything I know about writing good blog posts: from headlines, to blog post structure, to developing a voice and more.”

While checking out the Paid to Blog course I noticed the offer to download a free module. I did and received a very informative 23-page PDF ebook. I do believe Tom’s Paid to Blog course promises to be a very good investment for anyone interested in making a career in freelancing blogging.

Some comments to the post mention that the $29, $49, $149 prices are too low so be forewarned, he might be raising the prices! You might want to take a look if like me, you believe that you might find something to learn!

And you can learn quite a bit by reading the article and the comments, and remember the download offer!

Fran :)

Becoming a Freelance SEO Writer: What to Expect Your First Month

Two articles are due for Client A; a series of blog posts are due for Client B; and Client C wants to know how much you’ll charge to handle their social media marketing, primarily Facebook and Twitter.

I own an SEO writing company, and all of this has happened to me all in one day no less. Yes, it can be a busy profession. However, it may take some time to work up to this type of madness. With this being said, following are four things you can count on happening the first 30 days you start freelancing as a SEO content writer.

1. Marketing:

Most of your days will be taken up with marketing tasks. This is true by the way with practically all new businesses. You’re building from the ground up,so to speak, and Ground zero of starting a small business begins and ends with marketing.

How much time should you spend marketing? Well it depends on how much of the other stuff you’ve done, eg, have you:

Decided on your service offerings?

Set your freelance writing rates?

Gotten your writing samples done?

Decided on a niche (if you’ve decided to niche it)?

Gotten your website done?

If you’ve done all of this, then practically all of your time yep, 95 to 100 percent of it, should be spent marketing for work.

2. Working for Free:

And I don’t mean for clients, I mean all of that stuff I mentioned just above. If you’re new to business, it can seem like you’re working for free while you’re getting all of this taken care of.

Just know, the more effort you put into stuff like this up front, the quicker you’ll start landing SEO writing jobs.

3. Fear/Nerves:

If you don’t have any jobs on tap especially after marketing for a few days or a couple of weeks — you’re going to start doubting yourself. Remember this post when that feeling creeps in and then.

Get a hold of it!

As in, don’t let it paralyze you or make you doubt yourself. Some people land writing jobs pretty quickly; it takes others a few weeks or a couple of months to get their first gig. But, there is plenty of work out there for writers who specialize in providing search engine-optimized content. Why?

Because content marketing is where businesses are pouring their online marketing dollars nowadays. So keep at it. Learn more about what to expect on the road to SEO writing success.

4. Joy!

There’ll come a day when a prospect you reached out to says yes, they want to hire you to write some articles, do some blog posts, handle some social media. You’re going to feel elated and even more determined to make a go of this freelance writing thing.

And with that attitude, you will!

About the Author: Yuwanda Black heads New Media Words, an SEO writing company. She’s also the publisher of two blogs  InkwellEditorial and SeoWritingJobs leading sites for info on how to start successful, home-based freelance/SEO writing careers. She says, “With proper training as a freelance SEO content writer, there’s no reason you can’t earn between $35,000 on the low end, on up to $75,000 (or more) – your first year — as a freelance web writer.” Ms. Black has authored over 50 ebooks, most of which cover some aspect of freelance / SEO writing. They can be found on major outlets like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, in addition to her own website.
Click here to visit Inkwell Editorial.


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Freelance Writers and Content Mills

This post on Carol Tice’s excellent blog Make a Living Writing Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnailgot my attention!

It’s titled Freelance writers need stepping stones By Angie Mansfield. She writes:

“We all know how Carol feels about freelance writing content mills, and I absolutely agree with her.

They’re not a way to make a good living.But can you ever make a mill job work for you? I did.

Here’s how.
Find the “right” mill

I worked for Demand Studios years ago, but I escaped and never looked back.

Earlier this year, though, someone in the Freelance Writers Den asked a question about a mill called Media Shower. I’d never heard of it, so I decided to go through the application process, just to report back to the Den.

I found out that MS uses a guest blogging model to get its clients’ links all over the web. Writers get a bio with a link to their Google Plus profiles in order to establish Google Authorship. Pay is $25 per 500-word post.

I got accepted, then didn’t do anything with them for awhile because I didn’t want to get sucked into another mill. But the more I thought about it, the more I started to wonder: Could I make that bio work for me?”

Continue reading on the blog: Make a Living Writing

If you’re interested in freelance writing, you might like to read some other interesting posts on Carol Tice’s blog.



Write to Be Free | Learn More About Writing to Make a Living Income

Earn Money by WritingEarning Money by Writing


So many people have asked me about this that I thought I’d better do a quick post on it.

During the year we spent travelling around Australia, we met lots of people earning money to support their travels. Some used their earnings as pocket money; a way to earn a few extra dollars for special trips or excursions. Some needed to generate enough income to fund their on-the-road lifestyle.

We met people working in hospitality; people following the harvest trail; people operating market stalls (selling craft objects or caravan supplies) and people providing services like hair cuts or mechanical repairs. We met volunteers who worked in exchange for a place to stay.

There are lots of ways to bring in cash while you’re travelling, and all of them suit different people and different personalities. I really enjoy what I do: I earn money by writing …  Read More



Why Being a Sellout Will Help You Write What You Love


English: Traditional freelance writer work system.

English: Traditional freelance writer work system. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Carol Tice
Are you fed up with having to write about stuff you don’t care about in order to pay the bills?
We had a big chat about this going on recently in Freelance Writers Den.
One member wrote that he was sick of having to write copy to pay the bills:
“I discovered the business-style, droll prose I’d been doing killed my creative writing ability. The work I’d been doing for pharmaceutical companies turned my writing into a pile of crap, and I don’t like that … Read More


Marketing 101 is a free 21-part e-course from the Make a Living Writing blog.
You can sign up to get the whole series here.


Writing is the best job in the world.


What other job encourages you to be who you are, explore life daily, create something from nothing, build a limitless future for you and those you love, while adding to your legacy with every word you write?

Creative Writing Club!

Creative Writing Club! (Photo credit: Zawezome)

Without construction tools, loud noise, or substantial waste, writers create something from nothing that can last an eternity. And the modern writer’s ideas can endure even if they never see print. Print On Demand and eBook technology means your work won’t go out of print, even if books were suddenly to become as archaic as eight track tapes. Read more:


How I Earn A Living Online – Daniel Flower

In early 2011 I became a full-time internet marketer, which was
something I had dreamed of for years.

I don’t earn mega money from my online bus

iness, but for me it’s all
about the lifestyle and utter sense of FREEDOM.

Getting up in the morning and being in control of your own life is
an absolutely wonderful feeling :)

But getting to the point where you can quit your job and go
full-time online isn’t always easy.

It can be done though – and that’s where I think you’ll benefit
from my Internet Lifestyle Exposed report.

For less than the price of a fast food lunch (4.95) I outline the
strategies I use to earn a living from the internet:

I think this report has the potential to completely change the way
you look at internet marketing – and if I can help just one person
change their life through starting their own online business then I
will have done my job.

Check it out now at the link below:


I hope you find some inspiration in this sampling of articles sharing ideas about writing for a living and being aware of the variety of ways to make money on the Internet.

Do you have some of your own work at home experiences you can share for the benefits of our readers?



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Can You Write Your Way Into Making a Good Living?

Making Money Online by Writing at Online Writing Websites

A few years ago making money by writing online at various online writing websites was not a big choice. People, particularly writers who want to make money online nowadays were not very much aware of the huge prospects of earning online by writing online that would come up.

We have seen how making money online has become so popular and a passion for tens of thousands of online writers now by writing online content. A lot of writers, including professionals and amateurs have joined these online writing sites over the years, especially in the recent past.

There are so many writing websites scattered all over the Internet nowadays that it is important to spot the legitimate ones to write online content for money …Read More

English: Traditional freelance writer work system.

English: Traditional freelance writer work system. (Photo credit: Wikipediae:


12 Steps to Building Your Stand-Out Freelance Brand

Carol Tice
There are a million freelancers out there. The question is, how are you going to get noticed and help people remember you and the type of freelance work you do?
The answer is branding yourself. As a freelancer, you need to create a memorable way for prospects to easily recall who you are and your freelancing specialty.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of freelancers’ websites, and most of them don’t do a good job of presenting a memorable brand. But the good news is, it isn’t hard to improve your branding and gain a higher profile as a freelancer.

There are two basic ways to approach branding as a freelancer:
Create a business name that tells people what you do in a snappy, artful way
Use your own name but develop a concise motto or tagline that fills prospects in on your specialty

I know freelancers who’ve had great success using both of these strategies, so it’s not that one approach is always better than the other. It’s a question of which approach appeals to you and works best for the message you’re trying to get across … Read More:


 Looking at Craigslist Isn’t Marketing — What Freelancers Should Do Instead

Carol Tice
I talk to a lot of writers who aren’t earning much.
I’m talking maybe $20,000 a year. Maybe $10,000 even.
It doesn’t usually take long to figure out why their income is so low.

They start asking me questions like:
What do you do when they want you to quote a rate before they tell you what the gig is?
Can you help me polish my resume?
What do you think is a fair rate for an SEO writer?
How fast can you write an article?

I hear these, and I know what’s wrong.
These are questions writers have when the main way they get writing gigs is by looking at Craigslist ads.

Craigslist has mostly low-paying gigs … Read More:


I’m very interested in reading articles about work at home and especially about being able to live on your own terms by supporting yourself with your writing and I hope that those of you who are similarly interested will find some information they can use.

Let’s start a conversation  with your  comment! OK?

Fran Civile





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