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My Review of Peggy Baron’s Power Your Business With PLR

In ‘Power Your Online Business with PLR’ Peggy Baron writes:

Power Your Online Business with PLR

“PLR is a lot like Playdoh modeling clay. Your Playdoh looks the same as everyone’s when it comes out of the can. But you get to mold it into something amazing by turning it into a specific shape and adding colors. It becomes uniquely yours. When you get through with it, it looks much better than it did first coming out of the can.”

I think that’s a very good comparison … the PLR you’re thinking of using looks good and it fits into your plan, but you want to make it your own … add some of your personality.

So you give it your slant and do a little remodel of the paragraphs or just add a sentence or two and voila it’s your article!

I usually like to add a first paragraph in my own words!

In addition to the 59-page PowerYour Online Business with PLR Peggy’s latest product includes a PLR Cheat Sheet and a PLR Progress Report

It’s available on the Warrior’s Forum at the very special price of $5.95 for two more weeks and after that the price will be $17.97 and still well worth it!

Do not risk forgetting to get it sooner than later! You can get it at: 

Table of Contents

Introduction Page 5

What’s the difference between PLR and Resell Rights? Page 6

I see some PLR stores limit the number of PLR articles or products they’ll sell. Why? Should I care? Page 7

I’m trying to build my internet business, what should I use PLR for? Page 8

Do I have to rewrite PLR? Page 10

How do I make a PLR product more unique? Page 11

How do I add personality to PLR articles so they sound like me? Page 14

The PLR article I bought isn’t exactly right for my site. Can I still make it work? Page 15

I bought my first PLR. Now what? Page 16

What is your favorite way to use PLR? Page 17

What if I want to do a quick rewrite? How do I do that? Page 18

Should I buy PLR as I go or join a PLR membership site? Page 19

How can I make money using PLR? Page 22

Should I add other images to the PLR reports or ebooks I buy? Page 24

Where do I find the PLR I need? Page 25

How do I know if the PLR is going to be good before I buy? Page 27

I have some badly written PLR on my hard drive. What can I do? Page 31

I keep hearing I need to “add value” to PLR products. How do I do that? Page 32

Can you give me a quick start for using the PLR product I just bought?

I write a lot about making money with your  writing whether to promote your affiliate marketing or publish your articles, reports and ebooks.

Learning how to make the best use of well written PLR can make it a lot easier and faster for you.

This is a very helpful resource, get it here at this low price of $5.95 

Do you have any questions or observations about writing or using PLR? Please
share in a comment.


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3 Ways to Earn an Online Income:Freelance Writing | Affiliate Marketing | Information Product Creation

affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing

Steve Scott’s Income Trilogy Report is a treasure of information about three ways to earn an online income : writing, affiliate marketing, information product creation.

This post presents Steve’s Affiliate Marketing option and this is the table of contents:

An Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

Introduction to the Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Step One: Find a Good Niche Market

Step Two: Create a Lead Magnet

Step Three: Create an Opt-In Page

Step Four: Build Relationships with Your List

Step Five: Get LOTS of Web Traffic

Step Six: Use Testing and Tracking

Step Seven: Fix What’s Not Working

Steve says he might be ruffling some feathers because he states that the reader needs to dedicate 15 hours/week working on his business and goes on to describe some production “hacks” he uses … not saying they will make things easy but make it possible to accomplish more with the time you’re given … so you can work on your business without disrupting your professional life or your family … but take it seriously like you would anything that’s important in life.

Personally I like this quote: ‘If you’re willing to do now what others do not, you will have what others will not!’

Steve struggled from 2002 to 2006 … doesn’t like sleazy marketers who tell people it’s easy to run an online business … he admits to some obstacles being self-created while others were caused by following bad advice!

He says:

“In my opinion, affiliate marketing is the best way to make money on the Internet.
Whenever someone asks me how to get started on the Internet, I always recommend
this business model.

Not only is it great for the short-term, it’s also an excellent way to build a long-term income.
Unfortunately there’s a lot of misinformation about affiliate marketing.

Some “gurus” love to overcomplicate the process. Others want you to believe it’s easy and doesn’t
require any effort.

I feel you can easily simplify affiliate marketing. The trick, however, is to know how to make money from it without wasting lots of time.

In this section, I’m going to reveal my personal blueprint for earning an income from
affiliate marketing.

It’s taken me four years to create this step-by-step plan. So I ask that you pay close attention because this is the exact same system I’ve used to put lots of money in my pocket …” 

Pages 36 through 55 will lead you through the steps to set up a solid business and you’ll find links to more helpful reports on Steve’s blog

He set up this blog two years ago and talks about the internet lifestyle he has lived thanks to the great income he made  with a couple of affiliate sites since 2006… allowing him to travel through Europe for several months last year while getting an income.

You can also get a free download of Steve Scott’s Income Trilogy Report!

“Easy Starters” Makes Writing for Affiliate Marketing Easy!

"easy-article-starters" makes writing easy!

“easy-article-starters” makes writing easy!

You keep on reading that affiliate marketing is an easy way to make money and when you start looking into promoting a particular product, you’re impressed with the large commissions that are being paid and you proceed to join that affiliate program with dollar signs in your eyes.

The reality of what it takes to promote this offer you’ve joined soon sets in with a four letter word … W O R K!

Yes, the job of an affiliate is to recommend, not to sell, the product – so you set up a website or blog with a suitable domain name – meaning a name that matches the product name – and write an article that includes a link designed to encourage your readers to visit the product sales page.

But you get very few clicks on the link and no follow-through! What’s the problem?

You’re told that the blog you set up to promote your product needs to be promoted in order to get visitors, but how? By writing some posts and re-writing some of those posts as articles you will submit to Article Directories and the resource box you add to each article will encourage readers to visit your blog.

You need to visit forums that allow you to add a signature to the helpful posts you’re writing to get involved with the members. You also need to approach some blogs about writing guest posts for them to boost traffic to your blog … My oh my, that is a lot of writing! a lot of work!

I will be sharing a very helpful report on the subject of promoting affiliate offers in the next couple of days (most affiliate marketers do promote more than one product!)

In the meantime I want to talk about Easy Article Starters!

Easy Article Starters is a product sold by prolific PLR writer Peggy Baron and I love using them!  What is so great about these article starters is that you write your own articles!

The package you buy consists of three parts:
Here is an example provided by Peggy Baron:

Making Money With Your Writing Skills Online
Do a new title with your keywords

Intro: If you have the ability to write, there are quite a few different areas you could specialize in when you decide to offer your services online …
Add your keywords to the intro.  Add another sentence or two, or reword what’s there.

Body: (add details to each suggestion, such as what it is, where to learn it, what tools are needed to get started,etc.)
technical writing
*PLR writing
*article, ebook, or report rewriting
*blogging for others
*article marketing for others
*InfoBarrel or the like
*ad copy writing
*speech or toast writer

The body is where you expand on the points. In this case you will want to give more info on each. Briefly explain what a ghostwritier does, how much they can earn, how they learn their craft and anything else you want to say.

Conclusion: Many online marketers are begging for those who can help them with the various writing aspects of their business.  If you’re a good writer, then these opportunities are for you.

Take the conclusion and add to it to fit with what you just said in the body.

I have previously written about the advantages of using PLR (Private Label Rights) there’s no question that PLR articles are a big help especially since they can be bought at reasonable prices in so many different markets, but of course to get the maximum benefit you do need to rewrite the articles or spin them.

Your package of Easy Starters can be used again when you come up with different ideas for reusing the suggestions, and the articles you write are yours to submit anywhere!

You can learn much more about Peggy Baron Easy Starters by going to: 

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Affiliates Rake In Multiple Commissions on Coattails of Top UK Marketer

How James Penn is able to rake in multiple commissions promoting Lee McIntyre products lead me to think of how an affiliate’s earnings benefit from how good her promotions are but also from the marketer’s sales funnel.

Anytime I clicked on an affiliate marketing link that took me to a Lee McIntyre presentation I tended to be put off by his lengthy video tirades and repetitious stories about his meteoric climb to success!  Well, after reading James Penn’s blog post I have to admit that his methods have worked for Lee and for his affiliates too!

That finally piqued my interest, and I spent $5.00 to join Lee’s  Internet Automation Plan and for a very limited time you too can get your hands on it for a mere fraction of its true worth: $5.00, yes that’s right five dollars!

So here is an excerpt of James Penn’s interesting blog post

“Lee and I started out at pretty much the same time and worked in the same niche to start with. We both taught how to profit from eBay by selling eBooks. We promoted each other’s products and worked together to build each other’s business. Gradually we both moved away from teaching eBay to teaching internet marketing.

Over the past three years, Lee’s business has taken off astronomically and I know recently he was making over $100,000 per month selling his own info products and generating over 500 subscribers per day.

In this blog post I’m going to show you how he’s done it and how you can emulate him.

I have gathered this knowledge of how he’s done it by reading every email Lee’s ever sent to his subscribers, by being a customer (or receiving review access) of nearly all of his products and by being an affiliate of Lee’s …

Only a small handful of VIP customers have had access to this training up until now so my best advice is to go check it out while you still can!

Not only will this step by step show you how to automate your business to the point where you only need to work 1-2 hours per day maximum…

…but it also shows you how Lee grew his business from $20K to over $100K per month in the space of just 30 days!

I gained access by investing $5.00 and I can vouch for the quality of all the information presented on that site. You can get valuable marketing insights and if you want to rake in multiple commissions signing up as an affiliate, click on

Internet Automation Plan

My best wishes for your success,





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Resell Rights Products:Fast Action Newbie Review


If you’ve been involved in internet marketing for any amount of time you will know that setting up your resell rights products can be a real pain in the b**t.

If this sounds in any way familiar you will be glad to hear that Aaron Danker has launched a new product called Fast Action Newbie at, for an unbelievable One dollar!

I think Aaron Danker is a gifted designer … don’t be fooled by the sensational quality of his squeeze pages … they offer solid products at very reasonable prices and his support system is solid.

I’ve been familiar with Aaron’s great products for a long time and knew he was making a good living with various different internet marketing ventures so I was comfortable in giving the course a try, but it usually took me too long to unzip them, edit them and get them up and running

I know that resell rights packages are an effective way to make money online,
but I usually got bogged down setting them up! This was different!Each step of the process is demonstrated in his watch over the shoulder videos clearing up any problem of confusion that you may have.

After getting into the content area, 12 different videos spelled out the total process in easy steps! Seeing the process set out in easy steps like this enabled all the blanks in my mind to be filled … everything seemed to be covered.

I started off with the basics of buying a domain name for my resell rights squeeze page and I went on to configuring the hosting account and name servers.

The videos provided full instructions from how to unzip the resell rights  and edit the sales page to setting up my pay dot com payment button and finally running through a checking procedure to make sure that everything was in place and all the pages were set up correctly and edited properly.

After going through the video series a number of times for different products, I have now noticed a marked increase in the speed with which I can set up my resell rights products.

I believe the fast action newbie has more then paid for itself. If you are struggling in any way with your resale rights product set ups, Fast Action Newbie is definitely worth a shot.

Remember, you get 12 red hot videos that show you exactly how to install a resell rights package quickly and easily. You’ll be able to install your own resell rights package as you watch each video.

Your investment is covered by an unconditional 30 day lifetime  money back guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. The $27 $1 offer is for a limited time only, so act quickly to secure your Fast Action Newbie training videos before the price goes up!

Visit the official site for more information: