Work At Home


To Work at Home You Need to Be Well Organized

When you decide you want to work at home setting up an online business, you need a dedicated space for your computer, your books and any information you might have printed out. You also need to persuade your spouse or anyone sharing your living quarters that the work you are trying to do is important so that they respect your time and your work space.

Managing your time online

Now that you’ve established a base for your  work at home enterprise you need to have a plan so that you can get right to doing whatever task will help your progress within the amount of time you have available. It helps if you have lists of jobs that you need to get done. Then when you have time to spend at your computer you can pick one you hope to complete. Once you’re online it takes discipline to stick to that job, I know I used to sometimes wander over to check my email and if not mindful of the passing of time I would end up not finishing what I was supposed to do. Very frustrating when I only had myself to blame so I put an end to that!

Giving priority to jobs that contribute to making money

Sometimes it’s hard to really remember why we’re working on our blog! We get mired in the details of improving its presentation or other things that may have some importance, but ultimately our work at home plan is to produce an income! If at all possible, your to-do list should include some tasks that will further that goal. Then if you still have time, work on the next most important task. Depending on type of business, some examples could be:

  • get your affiliate link to promote a product
  • write a draft of your next blog post or article
  • re-purpose something you’ve already written
  • send out a reminder for your last promotion

Whenever you might feel discouraged it helps to imagine what it would take to open a business on the street. Thinking about the money, the time and the amount of physical work it would take plus the time spent on satisfying demands of the regulatory agencies boggles the mind. That exercise can renew our determination to make a go of our home business and get all the information and support we need to succeed. To your success, Fran :)