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  2 comments for “Contact

  1. Rebecca Thompson
    03/10/2014 at 3:50 AM


    My name is Rebecca Thompson and I am an insurance consultant. For years I worked in the insurance industry and one day decided to venture out on my own. Presently, I work as a freelance consultant advising businesses and individuals.

    Writing has always been a passion of mine and I combine this passion with my years of experience in the insurance industry. I have ghost written a number of articles and have been published in reputed journals. I specialize in all aspects of property and real estate insurance and could come up with a really interesting article on the subjects.

    I am keen to feature a guest post on you blog as it would do wonders for my portfolio as a writer. I realized it was time I stopped ghost-writing for others and built an online reputation for myself. Here are a few ideas that I feel you might like:

    1) Do you have the right kind of insurance for your house?
    2) Things you should know about Rent Loss Insurance
    3) Suggestions for securing your house from hurricanes
    4) Measures to take before renting out your property
    5) Buy-to-Let Mortgage better explained
    6) Tips on lowering home insurance costs
    7) Things to keep in mind when going in for a new property
    8) How best to deal with squatters
    9) A Landlord’s guide to saving money
    10) How to identify gaps in your home insurance policy
    11) Why it is important to create a checklist for your properties
    12) All you need to know about letting property abroad
    13) How to protect yourself against rent arrears

    I would be glad to write on any of the above topics and am open to all kinds of ideas, suggestions that you might have. Lastly, I am willing to part with $50 for your efforts in publishing my article, as I think it would be a sound investment.

    I hope your reply is in the positive, so your readers get the opportunity to benefit from what I have to say.



    • 03/14/2014 at 3:06 PM

      Hi Rebecca,
      I’m sorry it took so long for me to reply to your offer but my computer ran to serious problems about a week ago and I had to replace it.
      That took a couple of days and then I had to figure out a bunch of stuff … the tech guy who helped me was able to transfer all my
      documents but not all my programs.

      I wish I could accept your offer because I can tell that you would qualify as a good writer, but I can’t see how the titles you listed
      would fit in with the content on this site.

      Best regards

      Fran Civile

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