My Review of Peggy Baron’s Power Your Business With PLR

In ‘Power Your Online Business with PLR’ Peggy Baron writes:

Power Your Online Business with PLR

“PLR is a lot like Playdoh modeling clay. Your Playdoh looks the same as everyone’s when it comes out of the can. But you get to mold it into something amazing by turning it into a specific shape and adding colors. It becomes uniquely yours. When you get through with it, it looks much better than it did first coming out of the can.”

I think that’s a very good comparison … the PLR you’re thinking of using looks good and it fits into your plan, but you want to make it your own … add some of your personality.

So you give it your slant and do a little remodel of the paragraphs or just add a sentence or two and voila it’s your article!

I usually like to add a first paragraph in my own words!

In addition to the 59-page PowerYour Online Business with PLR Peggy’s latest product includes a PLR Cheat Sheet and a PLR Progress Report

It’s available on the Warrior’s Forum at the very special price of $5.95 for two more weeks and after that the price will be $17.97 and still well worth it!

Do not risk forgetting to get it sooner than later! You can get it at: 

Table of Contents

Introduction Page 5

What’s the difference between PLR and Resell Rights? Page 6

I see some PLR stores limit the number of PLR articles or products they’ll sell. Why? Should I care? Page 7

I’m trying to build my internet business, what should I use PLR for? Page 8

Do I have to rewrite PLR? Page 10

How do I make a PLR product more unique? Page 11

How do I add personality to PLR articles so they sound like me? Page 14

The PLR article I bought isn’t exactly right for my site. Can I still make it work? Page 15

I bought my first PLR. Now what? Page 16

What is your favorite way to use PLR? Page 17

What if I want to do a quick rewrite? How do I do that? Page 18

Should I buy PLR as I go or join a PLR membership site? Page 19

How can I make money using PLR? Page 22

Should I add other images to the PLR reports or ebooks I buy? Page 24

Where do I find the PLR I need? Page 25

How do I know if the PLR is going to be good before I buy? Page 27

I have some badly written PLR on my hard drive. What can I do? Page 31

I keep hearing I need to “add value” to PLR products. How do I do that? Page 32

Can you give me a quick start for using the PLR product I just bought?

I write a lot about making money with your  writing whether to promote your affiliate marketing or publish your articles, reports and ebooks.

Learning how to make the best use of well written PLR can make it a lot easier and faster for you.

This is a very helpful resource, get it here at this low price of $5.95 

Do you have any questions or observations about writing or using PLR? Please
share in a comment.


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