When I first started blogging here in Feb.2009, I was thinking mainly about all the Boomers who were getting close to retirement age without being ready financially. Following the financial crash of 2008 and the high unemployment rate, I thought they could use some fresh ideas about making an extra income.
I soon learned that whether you’re twenty, forty or seventy you would need the same kind of information about creating or adding on to your income!

Because there are so many ways to make money online I think it makes sense to focus our marketing efforts. My choices for this blog are to provide information about freelance writing, product creation and affiliate marketing.

You’ll also find thorough reviews of products I believe in and some curation (sharing content from marketers I respect).

Freelancing to me means writing … but of course freelancing can also cover graphics, video and much more. I want to continue providing a variety of freelancing information.

Product Creation is closely related to freelance writing. It makes sense for freelance writers and bloggers to create some of their own products so they can generate some passive income.

Affiliate Marketing is a field big enough to take up all our attention and time or it can be a good addition in a freelance writer’s work plan because of the ease of recommending other writers products and also related products and resources.

There’s a Categories widget in the footer, a Recent Posts widget and 3 Featured Article widgets in the sidebar.

I hope you’ll find the information you need to earn some money and that you’ll let me know what you think by sharing a comment and asking questions!

I welcome your ideas, suggestions and critiques and I enjoy answering each comment

Fran Civile :)

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