Affiliate Marketers Are Problem-Solving Middlemen

Fran CivileWhen people realize they have a potentially profitable solution they can promote their information through affiliate marketers! Affiliate marketers are the ones who will promote your information to other people who have the same problem as long as you give them a cut of the profits. If there’s anyone who fits the bill of the “problem-solving middleman” it’s the affiliate marketer.

In the previous article, I went over a rather formal definition of marketing explaining how we need supply and demand in order to make any money. I then presented you the problem where you might have identified a potentially profitable audience with a high demand, but you just didn’t have the knowledge to supply them with something they wanted.

One of the beautiful things about a market is that someone is bound to produce the supply for it, sooner or later. A marketer with some experience will try to track down a source of product Instead of moping around all day about the problem they're having. It might be hard to find a solution, but if the problem is severe enough, some people will start being resourceful and will create a solution.

When those people realize that their solution could be potentially profitable, they can promote it to other people who have the same problem. Of course, depending on how widespread the problem is,they could be interacting with tens of thousands of people around the globe. Since time is money the solution will be to get the cooperation of some affiliate marketers and make the same amount of money with less than half the work.

Notice that the initial definition of marketing still applies to Affiliate Marketing; there are still people who need a product or information that you make it your business to track down and you can connect the two parties by being an affiliate.

The best thing about Affiliate Marketing is that you can get started straight away. You don’t need your own product (which could take weeks, if not months to create). You don’t even need your own website. All you need is a brain that is in the marketing mindset. You have to be able to identify a strong demand and be able to find information (or real products) which you can supply.

When you make your recommendations as an affiliate marketer, you'll find out soon enough that you're not the only one in the fray! There is no need to fear competition in Internet Marketing, it means there is money to be made!

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