Understanding Internet Marketing

Fran Civile Anyone interested in buying or selling online is in need of understanding internet marketing. There is much information online about keyword tools, seo techniques, network marketing and affiliate marketing, but there is still a need for understanding internet marketing and how it all fits together!

Beginners prospecting through all the information that’s available might be wondering how the people claiming to be making money with various forms of internet marketing are able to do it,because it all seems confusing! I believe the problem often lies with not understanding the fundamentals of marketing, many people working for a paycheck might associate the idea of marketing with their unpleasant experience when they purchased a used car!

Marketing and Sales

Anyone working on a job is selling his time and labor for a regular paycheck. The terms have been settled and there is no further need for any sales talk or marketing.

When we pick up something with a sales tag in a store there is no marketing involved because the marketing has happened at a prior time when the wholesaler or retailer might have had to negotiate their purchase price.

However,Some Purchases Require Marketing

Let’s say you’re dealing with a buyer who has a problem, like needing transportation and you have a solution to solving their problem: a used car that you want to sell for a price they may not be willing to pay.

In response to the bargaining initiated by the potential purchaser who wants a lower price, you the seller will need to persuade them that whatever you’re selling is worth the value that you’re asking for.

The process you follow during negotiations is called ‘marketing’ Simply put,sales is the actual process of selling something. Marketing is meant to facilitate sales so the whole persuading side of things is the marketing.

Think of a marketer as a middleman, and the marketer’s job as solving people’s problems with solutions.

One way of making an income online, is to make it your business to choose to promote or sell something that will solve some people’s problems; you will have to determine what group of people will want to buy the solutions you offer so you can market to them. :)

As long as you think of yourself as the middleman or woman who solves problems, you’ll be in the right mindset to be a successful Marketer and having your business online will make you an Internet Marketer!