How Internet Marketing Works

Fran CivileI wrote yesterday that marketers acting as go-betweens are responsible for how internet marketing works. Working as middlemen they promote products to people who need them to solve a want or a need, reaffirming our belief that marketing is essentially the ability to solve problems. I spoke of the marketer as a middleman or woman, someone who brings together people who have a problem with the solution that they were looking for.

Regardless of whether you conduct your marketing online or offline, it’s all the same as far as being the problem-solving go-between. A marketer who works “offline” is usually charged with the task of trying to “move” a product by finding a group of people who the product is best suited to. To collect that data, the marketers usually work with a team and use different methods,such as giving out free samples and getting people to answer surveys.

Marketers who have transitioned to working on the Internet, coming from the time-consuming offline methods of having to physically hit the road to make contacts besides have live business appointments to travel to must really be enjoying the way everything is linked together on the Internet!

Another great thing about the internet is that people who go to “Google or “Yahoo” search engines and enter search words such as “how to lose belly fat” might actually be meeting the marketer half-way because the search engine sends them to the most likely place to give them the answers they need!

In other words, information is being virtually force fed into these search engine on a daily basis, every second. All the data that is needed is right there in front of you, on your computer screen.

Think about it. If someone is typing in the phrase, “how to lose weight”, what do you think that person is after? Information on how to lose weight, of course. Then again, they might be after a diet, an exercise or a liposuction clinic in their local area. Whatever they’re after, they will type it in.

Someone who types in, “how to lose weight by skipping rope” has a clearer idea of how he or she wants to lose weight than the first person and when you provide them the means of “how to lose weight by skipping rope”, what do you think you’re doing?
Being a marketer, of course!

There is a more formal definition of marketing. The whole “problem-solving middleman” image is just to help you better understand where you might fit in.

If you’ve done any study in the area of sales and marketing before, then you will be aware that marketing has two important components. If one component is not present, you cannot make money.

Component #1: Demand – there has to be a person or group of people who want or need something.
Component #2: Supply – there has to be something that you can provide to meet this demand.

That’s it! One of the best things about being online is that supply can be virtually infinite. A lot of people have built up 6-figure and 7-figure businesses selling information online, whose supply is obviously limitless, unless you choose to limit it.

So, let’s suppose that you had information about different ways to lose weight and a search engine forwarded a search by someone looking for “running advice to lose weight” do you agree that information would be valuable to the person looking for it? Both elements making marketing possible are present. Nothing should stop you from selling what you have!

Unfortunately, many people have had to battle too many odds and at a certain point just give up! They don’t know how to set up a blog, and they don’t try to find out who to contact or where to look for answers. They’re leaving money on the table, simply because they lost the ambition to follow through!

Other people can handle all the technologically advanced stuff. They can set up blogs and shopping cart applications and get it all up and running, but they don’t have the products to sell.
Next article will be about something called “Affiliate Marketing”.