How to Raise Some Fast Cash – One Man’s Junk Might be Another’s Man’s Treasure

It’s an interesting phenomena that other peoples junk always seems to attract buyers: one man’s junk might be another man’s treasure!

So if you find yourself needing some fast cash, look around your room, apartment or house for things you don’t have use for any more. You might have clothes you no longer enjoy wearing, or textboks, electronics, an old computer, furniture.

That stuff that you’ve had laying around taking up space and even causing some clutter might seem appealing to other people who will gladly pay for them.

Once you realize that you could actually raise some cash you could organize a garage or yard sale and post signs in some strategic spots in your neighborhood.

To make it more interesting you could talk to a couple of neighbors about having a joint sale to make it more attractive to visitors. You would each label your stuff with a name and a price and hopefully enjoy an early spring day while collecting some $$$.

These days you do have other choices though like selling on ebay, … a good place to sell clothing, electronics, textbooks and get a better price. There’s also where you can advertise things that are too heavy to ship like furniture. Interested customers usually can find someone to help them pick the stuff up if they don’t have a way to do it themselves. I’ve been lucky using craigslist!

If you decide to use either or, be sure you take the time to describe what you are selling and including photos of the items you’re selling will draw attention even better than any description and are likely to make them more willing to give you a phone call.

Do you have any ideas about how to raise some fast cash you might contribute? I could include your ideas in the next post about how to raise some fast cash!

Fran :)

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