Resell Rights Products:Fast Action Newbie Review


If you’ve been involved in internet marketing for any amount of time you will know that setting up your resell rights products can be a real pain in the b**t.

If this sounds in any way familiar you will be glad to hear that Aaron Danker has launched a new product called Fast Action Newbie at, for an unbelievable One dollar!

I think Aaron Danker is a gifted designer … don’t be fooled by the sensational quality of his squeeze pages … they offer solid products at very reasonable prices and his support system is solid.

I’ve been familiar with Aaron’s great products for a long time and knew he was making a good living with various different internet marketing ventures so I was comfortable in giving the course a try, but it usually took me too long to unzip them, edit them and get them up and running

I know that resell rights packages are an effective way to make money online,
but I usually got bogged down setting them up! This was different!Each step of the process is demonstrated in his watch over the shoulder videos clearing up any problem of confusion that you may have.

After getting into the content area, 12 different videos spelled out the total process in easy steps! Seeing the process set out in easy steps like this enabled all the blanks in my mind to be filled … everything seemed to be covered.

I started off with the basics of buying a domain name for my resell rights squeeze page and I went on to configuring the hosting account and name servers.

The videos provided full instructions from how to unzip the resell rights  and edit the sales page to setting up my pay dot com payment button and finally running through a checking procedure to make sure that everything was in place and all the pages were set up correctly and edited properly.

After going through the video series a number of times for different products, I have now noticed a marked increase in the speed with which I can set up my resell rights products.

I believe the fast action newbie has more then paid for itself. If you are struggling in any way with your resale rights product set ups, Fast Action Newbie is definitely worth a shot.

Remember, you get 12 red hot videos that show you exactly how to install a resell rights package quickly and easily. You’ll be able to install your own resell rights package as you watch each video.

Your investment is covered by an unconditional 30 day lifetime  money back guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. The $27 $1 offer is for a limited time only, so act quickly to secure your Fast Action Newbie training videos before the price goes up!

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