We Need Lifelong Learning to be Successful in Life

Learning by Doing

Learning by Doing (Photo credit: BrianCSmith)


Was there ever a time when everything we learned in school was enough to be successful  in life without eventually finding ourselves wanting?

Whether it was a high school diploma, a community college degree, a bachelor degree or even a higher professional degree, did we sooner or later want to learn more?


I believe that the world around us is so complex and full of new developments that the neat package of learning we take into adulthood is just a start! The phrase that we often use “I want to get ahead” is likely to turn into a set of actions that will get us to keep learning just to stay abreast!


So what are some obstacles to lifelong learning?

I Know That!

Anytime we close our mind to some new knowledge out of false pride or fear of appearing inadequate, we lose a chance to grow.


Time for Reflection

When we get to being so busy trying to do all the things we must do, it’s easy to start feeling that there is no time to reflect on what we’re accomplishing! Our time is filled with responsibilities and routines! We get to feeling we hardly know who we are anymore.

We must find some time to reflect, a stopping point where we can examine and question everything about the direction our life is taking. We need some clarity to keep on seeing our real goals in life and how some negative things are getting in the way of accomplishing them.

Reflection time to question everything about our hectic daily life needs to get built into our schedule!

A good place to begin is examining our habits


In order to arrange our life, we get into some habits and then more and more habits until they seem to take control of our life! If we reach that point where a habit might take away our ability to change something in our life, it’s time to think about changing that habit!

Replacing an existing habit with a new one is not easy, there is some consensus that says it takes 21 days to get a result … that to me is a sign that it’s high time to examine some habit that has taken too much control.

Looking Back at My Long Journey!

I married at eighteen a long time ago and worked in temp office positions for several years during that first marriage, using the shorthand and typing I learned in school. Then I cared for children to be home with my babies during my second marriage and took Early Childhood Education classes (one evening class a quarter) for years!

I’m definitely a lifelong learner and I have to admit to finding some of the online marketing learning I’ve faced since 2007 to be a real challenge! I usually have programs on my hard disk I’ve bought and can’t figure out!

Every time I get help I learn something new!

I believe my life has been successful with great kids, grandchildren and great-grandchildren  and never ending learning!


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Lionel R. Oliver - 06/12/2013

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Lionel R. Oliver would like you to read (last post)My Profile

Tiffany Dow - 03/07/2013

I’m still learning – I love to learn – it’s fun, not frustrating :)

    Fran Civile - 03/08/2013

    Thank you for your comment!

    I’ve been visiting your blog and buying your products for years because you do so well at sharing your struggles as well as your victories!

    That’s inspiring!

Bonnie Gean - 03/06/2013

I am a sponge, soaking up the knowledge I lack and sharing what I possess with others along the way. If I can show you at least one thing you didn’t know before, I’m achieving a goal!

I am a giver, so it’s important for me to help others. Please let me know if there’s anything I can help with! Good luck with your online ventures!
Bonnie Gean would like you to read (last post)My Profile

    Fran Civile - 03/08/2013

    I knew just after a few minutes on your site that you’re a giver!

    You have so many instructive posts and tutorials, it’s like landing in learner’s heaven!

    Thank You for your comment.


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