Writing and Work at Home Resources for Apprentice Marketers

Wannabe work at home apprentice marketers can pick and choose from the information available at these interesting sites I visited this past week!

Matt’sMarketingBlog run by Matt Carter

Matt is a successful Australian blogger with valuable affiliate marketing experience who generously makes the  following offer on his site:

FREE 12 Part Video Course
If you haven’t already, then I encourage you to grab my free 12 part internet marketing video course from the side menu, and also my
Premium WordPress Affiliate theme, as these two free products
are a fantastic start to making money as an affiliate.

  If your dream is to make a full time living online, then you’re in
the right place because I’m here to help you reach that goal.

I spent some time reading his blog and I can testify that he knows what he’s talking about and gets comments from appreciative readers! He also seems to be successfully publishing YouTube videos and shares that information freely.
If you are interested you probably will discover a lot more.

Copyblogger published this Post:15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look  Silly.

Very useful for those of us who sometimes wonder about “their or there” or other mysteries of english grammar!

If you want to embed this infographic on your own site copy and paste this code into your blog post or web page:

<a href=”http://www.copyblogger.com/grammar-goofs/”><img src=”http://netdna.copyblogger.com/images/grammar-goofs.png” alt=”15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly” title=”15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly – Infographic” width=”600″ height=”4661″ /></a><br /><small>Like this infographic? Get more <a href=”http://www.copyblogger.com/copywriting-101/”>copywriting</a> tips from <a href=”http://www.copyblogger.com/”>Copyblogger</a>.</small>

While on the subject of proper english spelling and grammar I thought about sharing the link to Grammar & Composition Guide  that I subscribe to.  Richard Nordquist has a weekly full page of all kinds of information, more than I could ever hope to learn … you could take a look!

March 1 2012 Finance.yahoo.com/news published 10 Great Work at Home Jobs by Caitlin Dewey of Kiplinger.

Caitlin says after a couple of paragraphs:

To assemble our list of top work-at-home jobs, we combed Bureau of Labor Statistics data for occupations with good hourly wages and promising growth prospects. We then identified actual companies that hire home-based workers in these fields, and scrutinized their benefits and schedules.

To weed out scammers, we checked out companies with the Better Business Bureau. Every work-at-home company we mention has an A or A+ rating from the BBB (or, if it’s not in the BBB’s database, it has been vetted by industry groups). While we can’t guarantee that you’ll get hired for one of these work-at-home jobs, at least you can have confidence that none of these employment opportunities is too good to be true.

Each listed job is followed by:
Pay Range:
Minimum Education:
Essential Skill:

and the lowest pay range shown is  $9 to $14, with the highest going to Virtual Assistants, Medical Transcriptionists and Tech Support Agents.

That’s it for today, I plan to do something like this each week because there is so much information to share on the internet!

I would appreciate your comment!


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    • Fran Civile says:

      Thank you for stopping by and reading my article. You might have noticed that the marketer I recommended as a resource for information about affiliate marketing,

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    • Fran Civile says:

      Apprentice Marketer Gazette’s goal is to provide information about marketing as a way to make an full-time or part-time income. I do that by writing articles about freelance marketing, product creation (writing and video) and basic affiliate marketing.

      I also refer my readers to marketers who are experts in their field. I can’t possibly write about every product sold online but I can write about best ways to promote a product as an affiliate< /strong>.
      The last comments I’ve received on this blog all seem to be asking for that kind of help so I will be writing some articles and looking for experts to recommend.

      You can sign in for my posts in the form on the right side of the pages.

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      Hey! The useful material and resources you mention are what I aim to offer on this blog! I do not have information about the thousands of products sold online!

      If you enter the words “hair restoration surgery costs” in Google search, you will get results.

      If you need information on the best ways to promote your product, search for information about affiliate marketing promotions. You do have a very nice looking site with well laid out information!

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    • Fran Civile says:

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’m sorry to say I do not publish reviews of specific products. I write about working online in the fields of Freelance Writing, Creating your own product (writing or video) and basic affiliate marketing.

      I also refer readers to expert resources, so you can find ways to promote your products but not information about your specific product.

      Good luck with your business,

      Fran :)